Chakri Palace - Ramadhan Buffet @ KLCC, KL

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If you're a fan of Thai food and you just have that sudden craving to feast on it during this festive Ramadan season, then you're in luck. Chakri Palace in KLCC is a stunning Thai restaurant that is offering it's amazing Ramadan buka-puasa menu at an incredibly reasonable price. So without further ado, let's see what they have to offer.

Starting strong with a series of fresh Mieng Kam - a sort of Thai appetizer that is a DIY type, with various toppings placed within the leaf. 

More appetizers to choose from!

Of course, what good will a Thai restaurant be if there aren't any tom yam around? At CHakri Palace, you'll be greeted with two - both white and red alongside a series of toppings to accompany with. Noodles are also available to make your own bowl of tom yam noodles. Delicious!

Lovely ikan bakar grilled to tender perfection. Loved the robust flavours and flakiness of the flesh.

Love chicken and beef satay.

Before anything else, I should start by saying that this dish was my absolute favourite. It simply is steamed fish with lime and chilli, but the freshness of the fish alongside the tangy and spicy profile absolutely excites me. It's soft, flaky and packed full of flavour - definitely worth going for seconds. In fact, I refilled 3 times in total.

Some rice and noodles, you know, just for the carbs.

Some vegetables - stir fried beancurd with Thai basil leaves and fresh chilli while the one at the bottom ix basically mixed vegetables. Both of which were cooked beautifully.

Meat lovers rejoice! Here we have a series of meat. From the amazingly awesome beef rendang, to the prawn and butter sauce and finally, massaman curry. Good flavour, vibrant colors and one hell of a dish. 

For desserts, you'll be exposed to 9 different types per session. Personally, I found the desserts to be a little too sweet for my liking, but everyone else enjoyed it really much. My favourite was the mango sticky rice, fruits and red ruby. Though the latter was still tad bit sweet. 

My first take!

All and all, if you're a big eater and you love Thai food, Chakri Palace is definitely a place worth visiting. Although the choices may not be as astonishing as most hotel buffets, at least each dish is cooked beautifully. It is after all, quality over quantity. So if you're planning to break your fast, or simply enjoy the essence of Royal Thai Cuisine, then head on down to Chakri Palace or simply call in to place your reservation today!

Chakri Palace 2016 Ramadan Buffet - RM91.90 per person

Children (6-12 yo) / Senior Citizen - RM47.90 per person

The buffet is divided to 3 different menus, each happening on different days of the week. For the first menu, it'll be Monday and Tuesday, second being Wednesday and Thursday while the third being Friday all the way till Sunday

The menu consists of several variations, not entirely different with most of the key components shared throughout the week. So just pop in and enjoy. The one I had was the first menu, available on Monday and Tuesday. 

There's also an early bird discount of RM20nett from the 10th of May - 9 of June 2016 and Citibank credit card holders are entitled to 15% discount


Lot 417B, Level 4, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Center, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 10am - 10pm

Tel: 016 2277 182 / 03 2382 7788 / 03 2382 0887 (reservations)

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