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Remember back in then we had a variety of delightful hawker food at our disposal? Those that we grew up enjoying without the fuss of premium ingredients, visually stunning presentation and of course, the taste of luxury itself. However, all that has changed and we expect a lot more from restaurants these days. Fortunately, Amaze K Cafe brings us back to the simple past with the said elements, ensuring we as adults would still love it!

If that's not a feast, I don't know what is. 

Traditional Hainanese Chicken Chop - RM16.50

Kicking things off with the signature traditional Hainanese chicken chop. Visually, it looks absolutely stunning with a generous chunk of chicken thigh fried to crispy perfection, dause with their own homemade tangy Hainanese sauce packed-filled with onions and carrots, crispy fries and salad on the side. Good flavour, lovely texture and a meal worth going for.

Smoked Duck Spaghetti - RM13.50

Next up, a classic serving of Smoked Duck Spaghetti ala aglio olio. Spaghetti is done to al-dante perfection while being lightly fried with a series of dried chilli, olives, herbs, salt and pepper. On top of that, generous slices of smoked duck are given as well. As a whole, it's a fairly simple and tasty dish that most people would enjoy.

Fish Head Noodles - RM12.50

This may look like it's out of place, but to my surprise, it's actually pretty good. As I've mentioned previously, Amaze K Cafe offers a wide variety of dishes that are used to growing up with. Fish Head Noodles is without a doubt, one of those dishes. 

Starting with the broth, you'll find a fairly rich and milky one with a good heap of seasoning inside. To compliment, they also added a wide variety of vegetables and chilli paste to give it that added flavour and texture, alongside slices of fish paste and of course, the crispy fish head itself. 

Signature Sang Har Noodle - RM21.50

Right after that, we had a shot at their Signature Sang Har Noodle which comes with several pieces of glorious lobsters cooked to perfection. It's sweet, it's bouncy and it's undeniably scrumptious. The noodles are also semi-soaked in the gravy, which gives it a slightly denser bite compared to most. Good flavour, lovely texture and a heck of a lobster. 

Vietnamese Chicken Chop - RM15.50

For those who enjoys eating rice, this dish might be the one for you. The slab of chicken thigh is not only grilled to tender perfection, it's also well marinated with a sweet and savoury sauce. Topped with fresh red onions and served with some salad on the side, this dish is a definite must try.

Minced Chicken on Toast - RM10.50

Last but not least, a take on the classic toasts with minced chicken topping. This dish, though may be the simplest of them all, was my absolute favourite. The flavours are well developed and the dish itself is easy to eat. Lovely flavour, a good play on texture and absolutely delicious!

Oh, I found this drink to be pretty interesting. Though it's just soda water. 

All and all, if you're a fan of local food, then Amaze K Cafe is worth considering. Not to mention the chill and relaxing ambiance, coupled with free wifi, one can simply stay here for hours and have their work done. Also, they serve pretty good coffee as well! 


23, Jalan PJU 3/44, Sunway Damansara, Petaling Jaya 
(Use Waze or Google Maps)

Operating Hours: 
Mon - Fri 10:30 am - 9:30 pm
Sat & Sun 9.30am - 8.30pm

Tel: 03-77337657

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