Taste of Europe - Eu-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry @ Berjaya Times Square Hotel, KL

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Wine, beer, cheese and chocolate lovers rejoice! Taste of Europe celebrates its 15th anniversary this year at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel in KL. It is a signature event held by the EUMcci (Eu-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and is traditionally held in the month of May in conjunction with the celebration of Europe Day.

Georgian wine selection by Eurasia Trading Sdn Bhd. Visit them at www.eurasia.my or call 012-603 4883 for more information.

To those that are unaware of what Taste of Europe is. It is basically an event where they showcase European food and produce that includes wine, beer, cheese, chocolate and many more. There are 24 exhibitors this round and they come from various parts of Europe - 14 countries in total. Among those who are participating are Belgium, France, Denmark, Georgia, Italy and the Netherlands. 

Even though the event was meant to gather European suppliers and their local distributors together, members of the public are given the chance to sample some of the food and drinks on display. 

Guests can also watch live cooking demonstrations and even participate in a few lucky draws, with the grand prize being a pair of flight tickets to a European destination sponsored by Etihad Airways. 

Onto some of the vendors! This is by The Food Studio Sdn Bhd. From the looks of it, there were only 2 bottles of wine available - both of which I did not try. For more information, you can log on to www.the-food-studio.com

Next up, Italian Fine Food Trading Sdn Bhd. They offer a wide variety of imported Italian goodies like cheese, tomato sauce, olives and coffee as well. The owner was really friendly and requested more photos to be taken. Also, pretty damn good cheese I must say. 

Lifestyle magazine anyone?

This booth was one of my favourite as they brought in a shit load of Belgian beers. As you can see from the photo above, there are so many colours, each with their own respective artwork as well. Each bottle also has its own unique flavour, with some being slightly sweet and the other being strong. Simply pick your favourite profile and enjoy!

For those who are interested, you can find them at Bruxale Connection Sdn Bhd or at their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/BelgiumBeersKL/?fref=ts

The day was getting a little late and I was feeling a little hungry. Seeing as they were providing quite a sufficient amount of samples (and dear me do they smelled good), I went for several portions. I'm sorry, I just had to. 

Chicken Picatta - I do not know what exactly does that mean but I do know that it was absolutely delicious. Chicken was incredibly tender and packed full of flavour. I too happened to love mushroom and they gave me quite a lot of them beneath the chicken. 

I believe this booth was held by Berjaya Culinary school. Apart from the chicken, they also have these!

Crabmeat salad! Nothing too fancy - just healthy.

After feasting for a little bit, I continued my journey in search of random European products. This booth caught my eye with the extensive range of snacks brought in from the UK. They are known as theBigBox and you can find out more about them here https://www.facebook.com/TheBigBoxAsia/?fref=ts

I don't remember exactly which booth was this from, but the pesto was absolutely delicious! Apparently you can get it from a bottle. As for the products, 

There were quite a number wine booth as well, ranging from being affordable to incredibly luxurious.  

Provence Honey with their 100% pure & raw lavender honey. Wasn't able to try this one but it look really interesting. 

For those who are unaware, this is Kalacs. A Hungarian bread that is mostly sweet and shaped like a cone. It can be eaten on its own, or with a series of dips. They're available at Publika Dutamas - known as Secret 009!

Yummy balls anyone? I bet you'll love some balls!

This bottle of soda was fairly addictive. It is quite similar to Esprit, but less sweet and a little more fizzy. The promo price was really affordable but I was way too lazy to carry it while taking photos. Anyway, if you saw this anywhere, I urge you to try it out!

This was the stall with the most cheese and bottled olives I've seen in this event. I wasn't able to try all the cheese available, but I did nib on some and they were delightful. I believe I've tried the buffalo mozzarella and it was just heavenly. So soft, so chewy and so flavourful. 

To those who are interested, you can find them at Bottega Mediterranea Sdn Bhd, 03-2070 4222 or by email at marcom@bottegamediterranea.com.

Emborg cheese anyone? I think they're quite popular now as you can find them in all major supermarket shelves. The last photo is a plate of cheese cracker with some blue cheese and my god does it smell. But the taste was very rich and engulfing that it really needs time to get used to.

More wines from San Tatiana Trading. Didn't get to try them out but for those who are interested, you can contact them at 012-2971318 or email at tatianachoy@gmail.com.

More cheese? Greek feta cheese!

I never knew Hoegaarden had a Rose flavour but it did taste fairly light. Not too strong with an underlying sweetness - lovely, for those who wish to savour their drink. If you wish to get in bulk (which I highly recommend), you can contact them at Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd, 03-9173 0398 or at www.luenheng.com. They also have a long list of imported beers and wine that can be seen from their website. 

A huge block of cheese! Because why not?

More cheese and cracker by Pikzern Marketing Sdn Bhd. For orders, you can contact them at 03-7845 2258 or 017-0081 3652. Email at michaellim@pikzern.com or visit their website at www.pikzern.com.

Because what is life without wine? 

This was also one of my favourite exhibitors as they allowed us to try out the Avruga caviar and smoked salmon - both of which were delicious. They also had a potato salad with cured herring which was an absolute delight. 

More beers to finish!

I like how the girl is smiling and the dude showing that face of his. 

And finally, a welcome speech by Mr Roberto Benetello, Chairman of the EUMCCI along with its lucky draw and prize giving ceremony. Unfortunately, I didn't win anything. After all, the pair of flight tickets to Europe seemed nice. 

All and all, the event itself was a blast. Most of the people there were very friendly, though some were quite intimidating, everything was great. From the choices of food to drinks - excellent! Particularly liked the fact that we're given the opportunity to try them out! 

For those who are interested, Taste of Europe will be back next year at roughly the same date! Log on to http://www.eumcci.com/ to find out more and to mark your calenders!

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