Okonomi 2016 New Menu Launch @ Publika, KL

1:10:00 PM

Okonomi is a Japanese restaurant that offers customizable sushi rolls - similar to Subway. Apart from that, they've also recently introduced a wide range of ala carte items for those who aren't in the mood for some sushi rolls. So without further ado, let's see what do they have apart from their amazing sushi rolls!

Our feast of the day.

Mango Prawn Salad - RM20.90

Starting off fresh with a balance of sweet and tangy mango prawn salad. It's your conventional salad but with a little twist - mango and prawns. Plump, juicy and coated with ebiko, this bowl of salad was quite the starter if I must say so. Also, the mango dressing too was delicious.

Complimentary Spicy Mentaiko Pasta

Yes, every customer will get a plate of complimentary spicy mentaiko pasta that is well packed with flavour. The noodles were cooked al-dante, which somehow made it similar to fried beehun for some reason. In any case, the dish is still addictive with all the mentaiko and asparagus. A word of warning, it is quite spicy indeed.

Soft Shell Crab - RM28.90

Crispy, juicy and undeniably addictive. These little nitbits of joy will certainly turn a frown around. Don't forget to squeeze the lemon in to help lift the flavours!

Tamago Mentaiyaki - RM12.90

Beautiful cubes of tamago (egg) and topped with mentai sauce and additional mentaiko on top. It was slightly sweet which wasn't what I really like, but for those who are into sweeter eggs, this should do it just right. On the other hand, I did enjoy the texture, which was fairly odd due to its shape. 

Kani Fumi Harumaki - RM12.90

A glorious wrap of vegetables, Hokkaido crab meat, Japanese cucumber and served with additional mentaiko on top and roasted sesame sauce on the side. I personally felt that this was fairly Vietnamese due to the rice wrap, but of course, the dish itself was enjoyable with the generous amount of crab meat. 

Baked Lobster Avocado - RM18.90

This was actually one of my favourite dish due to the uniqueness of presentation and fllavour. The lobsters were baked together with cubed avocados in a light cream sauce. It is then topped with parmesan cheese, tobiko, togarashi, and mentaiko on top before being flambeed once more. The dish itself was subtle yet rich, and the texture worked really well with the rice beneath. 

Chicken Gratin - RM18.90

This was something out of the ordinary. The chicken gratin may have no resemblance to a Japanese cuisine but it was absolutely delicious. The chicken was not only cooked to tender perfection, but the skin itself had a nice crisp to it. The homemade cream sauce was also a great compliment to the dish, though it felt a bit like carbonara with rice. All and all, this dish was another one of my favourite. 

Of course, being at Okonomi, you can't miss out the customizable sushi roll. This was the chef's own creation with their signature spicy mentaiko sauce. I absolutely loved the sauce, even when I first came here a year ago. Beautifully done and presented, Okonomi's sushi roll is certainly one worth going for. 

All and all, Okonomi itself has more to offer than just sushi rolls. Their extensive ala carte menu too is commendable, with most of the dishes that I've tried to be really good. Fresh ingredients, made upon order and the thought put into those dishes, you can expect a fairly good meal out of Okonomi.


A4-G2-02 Solaris Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas,  Publika KL.

Operation Hours: 10am-11pm daily 

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