Rokko Japanese Grill Dining (Zomato) @ Le Apple Boutique Hotel, KL

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I have always been a fan of Japanese culture (no, not the weird part) and their food. For one, their sense of space and ambiance is really soothing, that is if you exclude the hectic lifestyle the working adults have there. While their food is fairly plain, it packs in a whole lot of flavour naturally, from the fresh ingredients to the unique method used to make such dishes. Hence, it is without a doubt that Japanese cuisine is my top 3 favourite.

Located in the city center, right beside of Avenue K, Rokko Japanese Grill Dining is a casual dining place with much to offer.

With a dark and cozy set up, along with a variety of imported Japanese Sake, it certainly is quite easy to feel immersed in this place.

Starting off with a serving of fresh salad with homemade sesame sauce. Pretty decent - nothing too fancy.

Lovely edamame, one with the stalks still on. Cooked and seasoned perfectly.

Marinated jelly fish. Lovely indeed.

The one that I've been waiting for a long time. Fresh air-flown sashimi! By far, this is one of the best and freshest sashimis that I've had. The salmon, along with the tuna and yellowtail were naturally sweet and soft. It was cut a little too thick, but who could complain about receiving more? Served with freshly grated horseradish.

Next up, a platter of hand-rolled nigiri. Unlike most places, the rice used here was fairly little - clumped together like a small rice ball. By doing so, whatever is placed on top will feel a whole lot larger, giving it an impression of a huge portion. Having said that, the sushi were pretty good, as the rice was both fluffy and the toppings were fresh.

Followed by some maki, where there were 3 different flavours served in pairs. Pretty good, though I'd still take the sushi and sashimi anytime.

No, this is not a blob of goo. Instead, it's a pretty damn good serving of teriyaki chicken. With flavours that excite alongside meat so tender, having merely one will be a sin. This comes highly recommended!

Another popular dish that comprises of beef and onions. This teppan-style beef slices has a great depth of flavour, while some may consider it salty, it is without a doubt, a perfect compliment to rice. 

This my friend, is what I really love about Rokko Japanese Grill Dining. The mackerel was cooked to perfection - with skin so crisp they break upon impact while the flesh is both flaky and moist. It's lightly seasoned with salt, allowing it to draw the natural flavours of the mackerel. Lovely! Absolutely lovely!

Garlic fried rice, because there isn't one Japanese restaurant without them. Cooked with a good amount of smokiness from the wok, this humble bowl of fried rice has a good depth of flavour, while having a good load of garlic and eggs as well.

To finish, a gorgeous scoop of matcha ice cream - a great way to end a meal, or perhaps, a feast. 

Of course, not forgetting our beverage of the day. Hennesy Black Label. Because why not?

In conclusion, the meal was absolutely fantastic. From the starters all the way till the dessert, everything was nicely portion, presented and of course, executed. To make things even better, the team from Zomato were really friendly and accommodative. So by any chance, do check them out for their latest reviews, or recommendations around the area at


Le Apple Boutique Hotel Ground Floor, 160, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450

Operating hours: Daily 6am - 10.30am, 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm.

Tel: 03-2181 6557

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