Restoran Har Wong (Round 3) @ Gotong Jaya, Genting

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Restoran Har Wong has always been a home to great prawns. As the name literally translates into "King of Prawns", this humble restaurant located on the higher alps of Pahang (right below Genting) is definitely a place of visit.

Sneak preview!

The thing used for the double-boiled soup.

Double Boiled Watercrest Soup

Starting off strong with a double boiled watercrest soup with pork ribs. Unlike many outside, this particular bowl of soup isn't as flavourful. In fact, it's pretty bland because there aren't any using of chicken stock or MSG. All they had was salt and a bit of wolfberry seeds for sweetness and flavour.

However, it does have a soothing and in-depth taste of the watercrest and the pork rib. Overall, you'll know that it's really healthy!

Next on a list of double boils would be the black herbal chicken. Taste-wise, this is lacking more in flavour as compared to the first, but you can taste the subtle essence of all the herbs used. It's not going to be the most rich and savoury soup you'll ever have, but it is extremely healthy nonetheless.

Bitter Beginning Sweet Ending (Direct Translation)

Let's not jump into the name for now but yes, that is the direct translation from the Chinese verse, and there's a pretty solid reason for that. This is also without the doubt, the star of today's meal.

If you did not know, Restoran Har Wong is specialised in a number of cuisine aside from prawns itself. The signature Tofu Puff too is extremely delicious. This bittergourd on the other hand, has similar stuffing at the Tofu Puff but is executed in a different way.

As the name suggests, the dish starts off extremely bitterly and gets sweeter by the end. It's a pretty unique experience and the taste-profile is nothing that I've ever  had before. Undeniably, my first sip was paired with squeaky-eyes and sudden shock, but the temptation for more came right after that. How odd.

Sambal Petai

For those that enjoy something a little spicier, this plate of Sambal Petai is definitely well worth the order. The petai is also of another grade, different from what most peoples uses. It's a little fatter, firmer and packed with a deeper flavour. The petai also gives off a nice crunch in contrast to the savoury-spiced flavour.

One Handed Bone Pork Ribs (Direct translation)

Again, the name is a direct translation from the Chinese phrase as the idea of eating this with hand is highly regarded for. In fact, it's best eaten with hands. That way, you'll get the authentic experience of it. Sweet, chewy and packed full of flavour, this sweet-glazed pork ribs is a must try if you're at Restoran Har Wong.

Hui Nam Beggar Chicken (Direct translation)

Yes, it is called beggar chicken and there's a history to why it's called that way. In short, it's where poor people had to re-cook their stored-chicken in a different way, not everyone had the privilege of having a whole chicken to themselves. Which is why you can see the dark soy sauce around it, that's one of the ingredients used to re-cook this chicken. Of course, in modern times, it is done in a different way, but with the same old recipe for the sauce.

It may taste odd, and heavily infused with coriander. But the flavours were delicious. The spring chicken used gave a chewier bite, but that's all to good cause as the meat is still tender and juicy.

The entrance of Restoran Har Wong with that giant signboard, how can anyone miss it?

Overall, be it prawns, tofu puff or a variety of other dishes Restoran Har Wong nails it all. Each dish is prepared by the owner himself along with his team of kitchen staffs, making sure each plate served is delicious and fresh. So if you're planning to go to Genting, or returning from losing money at the casino, then you've got to head on down to Restoran Har Wong!


41, Jalan Jati 1, Gohtong Jaya Genting Highlands, Bentong Town, Pahang, Malaysia

Operating hours: 10am-10pm daily.

Tel: 0361001160

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