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As some of you might already know, and if you don't here is my first blog post on Fork D World Cafe - In any case, a short summary of the place would be that if you're seeking an enjoyable way on your journey to heart diseases, then this is definitely the place for you. 

At Fork D World, you'll be getting a mountain high worth of porkilicious dishes, as almost every one of them has some sort of pork in them. Be it bacon, bacon bits, streaky bacon, bacon fat, pork lard, roasted pork, so on and so forth. 

Awesome Bacon Lou Sang - RM55 nett
As the festive season of the Lunar New Year is fast approaching, traditional dishes like this are highly sought after. Unfortunately, most places that offers yee sang is fairly boring as they stock in conventional yee sang from supermarkets.

Not at Fork D World though. Their Awesome Bacon Lou Sang comes packed with a good amount of pomelo, streaky guava, fried yam, crispy pork lard, streaky bacon, back bacon, mandarin oranges, and a large serving of bacon bits infused plum sauce that is made in-house. 

The standard thing that all blogger do after messing up the yee sang, take a photo of it feeling proud.

Back to the Awesome Bacon Lou Sang - the flavours worked beautifully after mixing everything together. The saltiness from the pork bacon, crispiness from the crispy pork lard, richness from the bacon infused plum sauce and freshness from the surprisingly sour guava and added texture from the crispy fried yam and crushed peanuts. 

In any case, this is probably one of the most sinful, if not delicious plate of lou sang that I've ever had. Great flavour, lovely texture and a whole lot to fight for among friends. 

Bacon Bomb - RM18

This time around, we had the privilege of trying the Bacon Bomb again and like before, this was a great starter to say the least. A luscious lump of mozzarella cheese wrapped with crispy pork bacon and sprinkled with brown sugar, served on a toothpick alongside one cherry tomato. Lovely!

Australian Lamb Loin - RM35

The Australian Lamb Loin too was great in flavour - similar to the one I had few months back. Consistency is really a thing here as this recipe of 20 over years simply do not fail. Good flavour, rustic sides and slabs of tender, juicy and succulent lamb meat.

Homey Bacon Lasagna - RM25

Next on the menu, something new from the kitchens of Fork D World - Homey Bacon Lasagna. Packed with a good amount of tangy tomato base that has been cooked over 3 hours, bacon bits and topped with a good amount of cheese before baking once more in the oven. 

The result is a surprisingly tasty, light, flavourful and refreshing lasagna that was not only addictive, but delicious as well.

Authentic Carbonara - RM22

Followed by a simple yet beautifully cooked, Authentic Carbonara. Topped with an egg yolk, making the dish even creamer and richer in flavour. The fettuccine was also cooked al-dante, which was both pleasant and enjoyable. Good flavour, not too heavy and a great pasta to say the least. 

"Siew Yoke" Roast Pork Fried Pasta - RM22

This is one of the unique, if not best, interpretation of our classic Hokkien Mee. No, it's not Prawn Mee, but rather the ones that are black in colour. 

Cooked with a good amount of roast pork, the dish itself was packed with a good heap of flavour. The richness, saltiness and fragrance from the lard too were noticeable. Before eating, the scent of the dish had already permeate my noise, giving clear and strict instructions to dine without sharing. Unfortunately, I had to because there were other people around.

In any case, this is definitely worth going for!

Sambal Shrimp Pizza - RM22

Moving on to the range of pizza, starting with the Sambal Shrimp. It has a nice and crusty base which was not only crisp, but light and airy as well. The sambal and tomato base was a tad bit spicy, with a good amount of tanginess. Topped with fresh and plump prawns, bacon chips, onions and of course, cheese. Good flavour, lovely dough and a heck of a sambal sauce.

Siew Yoke Pizza - RM22

If you think that there are no such thing as an infusion of roast pork and pizza, you're dead wrong. This savoury concoction of salty "siew yoke", vegetables and cheese was more than satisfying. Each slice was bursting with flavour from all these elements and having merely one wasn't enough. 

Durian Egg Pudding - RM8

Yes, it's an egg. No, it's not scrambled or steamed. What it is, was actually a smooth and creamy custard-like pudding with a sweet and balanced durian flavour. It may not be the most dynamic dessert, nor the largest in portion, but the flavour truly was well worth the praise.

Chocolate Brownies - RM12 each. (This has two portions)

Another dessert that we had was the chocolate brownies with cream cheese and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, finished with melted caramel and toasted almond flakes. You might be wonder why on Earth would cream cheese be in there but hey, it barely is noticeable but it does give it that added richness and creaminess to the chocolate base. 

They also change their internal ingredients from time to time. So you might end up with peanut M&Ms or even chocolate mint on occasion. Smooth, buttery and rich - goes perfect with the cooling ice cream.

Apple Crumble Ala Mode - RM10 each (This has two portions)

Moving onto the apple crumble. A stunning pair of delicious and balanced apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and finished with several dashes of caramel. I was not able to try it due to the efficiency of other bloggers, whom took it faster than I could.

Dessert Waffles - RM10 each (This has two portions)

Finally, the last dessert on our list - Dessert Waffles. A simple attempt towards classic waffles, served with icing sugar, melted caramel and a scoop of ice cream - either vanilla or chocolate. It's chewy, crusty and had a lovely richness to it. Though the overall may be a little too sweet to my liking, the waffles was good to say the least.

In conclusion, Fork D World has done it again, with the amounting pork dishes to reach a new high. Of course, some of the dishes were already on the menu and I've only yet to try them out. Now that I did, I don't think I could feel my arteries again. Pretty much clogged since then but it was well worth the suffering. 

Good food, dynamic flavours and an unbeatable price. What is there not to love? So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that boring Salmon Yee Sang of yours and head on down to Fork D World Bistro for a guaranteed-satisfying heart attack.

Fork D World Bistro will be closed from the 7th of February 2016 to the 14th of February 2016 for Chinese New Year. Their Awesome Bacon Lou Sang is available now till the end of CNY, which falls on the 23rd of February 2016


D2-G-3A, Ritze Perdana 1 Commercial Lot, Jalan PJU 8/2, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Operating hours: Monday to Saturday, 11am - 10pm

Tel: 03-7731 3827

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