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Crab is delicious, we know that, you know that and perhaps anyone on this Earth who enjoy such a feast would know that. The only problem is, crabs aren't fresh most of the time. And even if they do claim that it's fresh, the prices are always marked up for profits. 

Finding good crabs may not be as easy as it sounds but Restaurant Tak Fok, one of the pioneers in this industry certainly does offer a great array of crabs at an affordable price. Not to mention that it is also extremely fresh as all the crabs are brought in alive and killed upon order. 

Do not trust me? Well continue on and feast your eyes!

The entrance (with an ongoing promotion)

Butter Sauce Crabs in Claypot (Large sized crabs) - RM52 (2x400g +/- per piece)

Starting strong with their signature Butter Sauce Large Crabs in a claypot. Beautifully steamed crabs douce with a good load of homemade signature butter sauce. Both the crabs were steamed to tender perfection, where the meat is plump, sweet and bouncy. Loved the texture and I really liked how the velvety butter sauce sips through the cracks of the shell, permeating deep within the flesh. 

Look at all that glory!

Salted Eggs Crabs (XXL sized crabs) - RM116 (2x600-700g +/- per piece)

If you think the previous one was huge, wait till you order the XXL sized crabs! Look at that stack - huge! Similarly, this is done with a salted egg gravy, a little dry and cooked with some dried chili as well. Flavours were spot on as you can taste both the richness of the egg yolk and saltiness of the sauce itself. 

Perhaps I would prefer it a tiny bit more moist, but I guess this worked out fine too. If you're planning to bring your family over for a Chinese New Year feast, this XXL sized crabs are definitely worth the price!

Look at how the flesh comes out as a whole! The freshness of it is beyond measures.

Before it is brought into slaughter. XXL Crabs!

Butter Cheese Live Prawn Noodles - Market Price

Restaurant Tak Fok isn't all about amazingly huge and fresh crabs as their selection of prawns were simply amazing. This particular dish that I've had was superb. The velvety smooth, butter cheese sauce complimented the Live Prawns really well. It wasn't as salty nor rich as to mask the natural sweetness of the prawns. Overall, loved the flavour and generosity in portion of the dish.

Curry Coconut Prawn - RM28

Next on the list is a surprisingly odd but deliciously savoury kind of dish - the Curry Coconut Prawn. Served in a coconut, the curry takes on a distinctive essence of freshness from the coconut, while being extremely rich in flavour. This is the kind of dish that you would order and share among family and friends, spread of a plate of rice.

Fresh huge prawns with an array of vegetables!

Marmite Chicken - RM15

Last but not least, their signature Marmite Chicken. The restaurant has almost 2 decades of history, back from 1998. The Marmite Chicken, being one of the household specialty where people would flock from all over KL and Selangor just to get a taste of this heavenly being. Sauce was amazing as it wasn't overly salty nor sweet along with the chicken that was fried to crispy and tender perfection. Amazing indeed. 

Overall, despite the humble set-up, Restaurant Tak Fok has many unique selling points. Be it the amazingly large crabs, or perhaps the freshness of the large crabs. It can also be the style of cooking, or perhaps the side dishes that compliments it beautifully. Whatever the reason may be, you'll be sured to find joy and prosperity at this very restaurant, feasting on some of their best seafood dishes!


2-2A, Jalan Desa 1/3, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm.

Tel: 03-62723346


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  1. wish to eat but less budget nowadays...

    1. haha, once in a while its fine. especially for chinese new year! =D