Restoran Har Wong @ Gotong Jaya (Below Genting)

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Going up to Genting or returning from it will no longer be a hassle, or rather, an unpleasant journey when you take a pit stop here at Restoran Har Wong at Gotong Jaya. It's located right at the base of Genting, which isn't too far away. Operated for more than 20 years, Restoran Har Wong is the pioneer when it comes to seafood and some of their signature dishes constantly replicated by their competitors. To find out what so special about the place, do continue!

Restoran Har Wong by the corner

Inside, you'll find a rather spacious Mndue to the lack of tables. There are two area available for seating, "indoor" and outdoor. Both are rather generous in terms of space and dining here with your family is certainly recommended. 

If you do not know, the big pot on the left hand side oh the photo is a charcoal oven, used to double boil soups for a period of 6-8 hours, ensuring maximum depth of flavour. You can also see some of their staffs picking out fresh vegetables of the day. 

So without further ado, here is the feast of Restoran Har Wong!

Homemade Tau Fu Pok - RM24 (6pcs)

Starting with the homemade tau fu pok as it is one of Haw Wong Restaurant’s signature item. It comes in a set of 6, with each tau fu pok stuffed with a generous amount of fish paste and spring onion. Served in a milky ‘xiong tong’ broth that complimented that homemade tau fu pok with its rich, creamy and savoury edge.

The dish also comes with a side of homemade chill sauce that from a distance, looks ridiculously orange. The flavour of the chill on the other hands, makes it absolutely delicious. 

Braised Yam Pork - RM25

Followed by a serving if braised yam pork, a dish that is rather popular in any Chinese restaurant. It is done so by layering pork belly slices upon yam slices and repeat till a certain thickness is achieved. Braising both together and that is where the sauce is extracted from. So what you’ll get by the end is a dish filled with a good amount of texture and flavour with a savoury edge. It goes perfectly well with some rice. 

Ginger with Vermicili & Scallop - RM30

For those who enjoy ginger or perhaps searching for a little zing, do try out their Ginger with Vermiceli & Scallop. At the bottom, you'll find a good load of vermecili and right on top, a generous spread of minced garlic mix. Simply mix the vermecili and ginger thoroughly and enjoy the burst of flavour alongside fresh, sweet and plump scallops. 

Special Soya Sauce with River/Sea Prawn - RM12/100gram 

This dish has been the heritage and forefront of Restoran Har Wong for 20 years. After all, the name itself literally translates into "Prawn King" in English so delivering a salivating plate of huge prawns certainly isn't an issue. 

The prawns are not only huge in size, but the flesh is plump, succulent and packed with natural sweetness as well. It is also pan-seared and cooked with their homemade special sauce, which has a sweet and savoury edge to the prawns, without compromising the essence of it. Getting a good load of high-cholesterol through these beauties is definitely well worth the price and definitely comes highly recommended. 

*Minimum purchase in a pair (2 piece at 350-450grams each)

Steamed Kampung Chicken - RM18/RM35

Next on their list of signatures - Steamed Kampung Chicken served with soy sauce and signature ginger dip. Like many good kampung chicken, the meat is slightly tougher than usual. Feeding on corn, the skin is also a little more yellow in comparison. However, the good part is that the chicken itself is packed with a strong sense of natural sweetness, which can be  associated with the essence of it. This too goes incredibly well with rice. 

Musang King - Market Price

Last but not least, the dessert - Musang King. Oh God do I love the smell and taste of durian. The rich (but stinky to some people) aroma and depth of flavour, along with the creaminess and bitter edge is absolutely beautiful. Biting through one of these got me as close to heaven as I ever could imagine. The Musang King, along with some other special breed too are available here. Definitely worth trying out! 

For those who are interested, you can purchase Restoran Har Wong's homemade chili for a mere RM18. There are also a variety of other merchandise and cooking ingredients sold here. Have a look! 

In conclusion, Restoran Har Wong is not just a place for great seafood or prawns, it's also not about the amazing homemade tau fu pok or Musang King durian, it's about getting together with family and friends to enjoy a great meal, with great food, in a soothing and pleasant place. Accounting all these factors together and you're set to feast and enjoy. 


41, Jalan Jati 1, Gohtong Jaya Genting Highlands, Bentong Town, Pahang, Malaysia

Operating hours: 10am-10pm daily.

Tel: 0361001160

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