ECOTINT® - Your Smarter Window Film - Gathering @ Temasya Hall, Glenmarie

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Living in Malaysia is no easy task, especially when it comes to the weather. You'll either get a downpour of sky juice or a heatwave hotter than an overcooking microwave. It's not the most entirely comforting situation when you're in your car, stuck in the bloody jam where police officers seemed to be absolutely useless, facing directly at the sun. Which is why a good car tinting solution is highly recommended, if not required. 

Ecotint cupcakes!

Known as Ecotint, the trusted company leading in car window tint solution will keep it cool in the hot sweltering heat of the Malaysian weather. With sunshine all year around and average temperatures of 28 °C, it takes a lot for us to keep our cool on a daily basis. 

ECOTINT (M) Sdn Bhd has established itself as one of the leading brand names in window films here in Malaysia for over 15 years. With its trademark tagline ‘Your Smarter Window Film’, ECOTINT® stands as one of the major window films converters, installer, importers and brand names for automotive and building industries in Malaysia as well as the South East Asian region. 

As many of you might already know, there are an abundance of car tinting solution flooding the market in recent years. Some say that they're the best while some say they're the cheapest. Whether or not that is all true, it's hard to say. #wearesuckersfortoolong represents the commitment and pursue of excellence in this industry, where ECOTINT® strives to offer the best and most reliable service on the market. 

With this in mind, ECOTINT® is continuously looking to expand its brand presence in the region with extended premium offerings and uncompromising service experience, which the competitive and sophisticated market demands these days. 

Stocking a wide variety of window films for commercial, home as well as automotive applications, ECOTINT®’s range of products are renowned for unbeatable heat protection and heat rejection whilst offering the best SPF + and PA ++ UV Protection available in the market today. ECOTINT® customers are not only ensured they get their money’s worth in terms of keeping cool in the heat and sun in accordance to their respective needs and budget but also long-lasting worthiness over an extended period of time. 

ECOTINT®’s products are manufactured by Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co. Ltd in Japan, a public listed company in Tokyo Stock Exchange and a world class company in advanced nano- technology. It may seem rather darkly-tinted but do not worry about the VLT (Visible Light Transmit) as it complies with the JPJ's regulations. It will also not cause any interference of electromagnetic signals for your GPS or SmartTag, so rest assured. 

Food is extremely crucial for any party or gathering. Fortunately, they offered more than I imagined. 

Hilarious MC!

Jason from doing his thing.

A short speech by Mr.Tan, the owner of ECOTINT® Malaysia. 

Price winner for the Star Wars movie premiere. 

Additionally, ECOTINT® is also embarking on a number of charitable endeavours as part of its KindnessInspired Community Outreach Program.  #kindnessinspired is an initiative put forth by the brand to help inspire change in the community. 

Thus far, the endeavour has seen ECOTINT® spearhead a number of charitable outreach programs under the KindnessInspired banner, which includes treating hardworking construction workers in Subang Jaya with hot meals, public coffee giveaways, and spreading cheer and gifts to Old Folks Homes and Pusat Kanak-kanak Down Syndrom in the Klang Valley.  

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