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Fuzio Bar & Restaurant is a casual, warm and cozy Italian restaurant located just right beside Changkat, Bukit Bintang. The restaurant features a two-storey dining set up with a bar on the ground floor. The upper floor can also be used for events such as birthdays, coorporate dinner or even a small pre or post wedding party. Whatever it may be, it sure is a classy way to celebrate in Fuzio Bar & Restaurant. 

The entrance.

The cozy interior with wall paintings for sale.

Being an Italian restaurant, Fuzio Bar & Restaurant also offers a wide range of wines to pair your meal with. On the other hand, a more fun and vibrant array of cocktails and mocktails are available as well. So without further ado, here was the list of feast we had!

fuzio killer

Fuzio Cooler/Fuzio Killer (non-alcoholic version and alcoholic version)

Started off our meal with a glass of refreshingly delicious Mint Killer. Done so in a soft-blend of ice, where sipping through a regular straw was both enjoyable and pleasant. Flavours were slightly milder than I'd expect but it was good nonetheless. 

antipasti appetizer
antipasti appetizer

Antipasti for 4 - RM148

This is probably hands down one of the best antipasti or appetizer platter that I've had in a long time. The portioning is determined by how many pax and usually by a multiplication of 2. So pretty much 2 pax, 4 pax, 6 pax and so on. Apparently it goes all the way up to 10 pax, where the antipasti will be served in a roll stretch. 

The one we had was more than enough for 4 pax as it comes with  a wide array items such as Cecina ham, tomato caprese (with buffalo mozzarella), eggplant involtini, cold smoked duck breast, homemade lamb sausage, salmon carpaccio, tomato bruschetta, rock melon, taleggio cheese, gorgonzala and bread sticks. 

What I really liked about this platter, aside from the variety of it, is the richness and thought put into it. The Cecina ham is a type of cured meat that is rich and heavy in flavour. To balance out the flavour, the rock melon is included to provide a tinge of sweetness and moisture. Smoked duck breast was absolutely delicious when served cold, and personally worked really well by wrapping the bread stick.  

Other elements such as the eggplant involtini, tomato carprese and salmon carpaccio too added that depth of flavour and texture. Last but not least, the amazing homemade lamb sausage that was packed with a good balance of spices and heat. Loved the gamey aroma and flavour of the lamb sausage as this goes highly recommended without saying. 

fuzio bar changkat bukit bintang

Merluzzo Al Forno - RM88

Part of their Secondi menu, which means 'second main' comes a delicious baked white cod fish with pesto mash and grilled vegetables. Above everything else, the white cod fish was baked perfectly, with a good amount of seared on its skin, the cod was bursting with flavour. Not forgetting the silky-smooth and flaky flesh, cutting through the flakes was effortless. 

The pesto mash too was absolutely delightful. Smooth, creamy and packed with a good balance of pesto sauce with some grilled vegetables on top. Simple, flavourful and absolutely divine. 

fuzio bar changkat bukit bintang

Creamagliera di Agnello - RM76

Followed by a serving of deliciously pink, grilled lamb rack with goats cheese, a side of roasted-mash potatoes and rockets. Aside from the perfectly cooked rack of lamb, the goats cheese actually provides an added richness to the succulent meat. Topped with some of their homemade savoury sauce, the dish was bursting with flavour to say the least. Personally, I would have gone with lesser goats cheese but hey, the dish was still pretty good! 

fuzio bar changkat bukit bintang

Filetto di Manzo alla Grigilia - RM98

Apart from the rack of lamb, Fuzio Bar & Restaurant also serves a pretty good plate of steak. Called the Filetto di Manzo alla Grigilia, it is a grilled black angus tenderloin cooked pink, served with asparagus, baked potatoes and a side of mushroom cartoccio. Apart from the obviously delicious piece of steak, the mushroom cartoccio too was amazing. Served with a variety of mushroom drizzle with truffle oil and baked till juicy perfection. This dish comes highly recommended as well. 

fuzio bar changkat bukit bintang

Parpadelle Rabbit Ragu - RM42

Do not be alarm by the use of rabbit in this pasta as it does resemble chicken breast in texture. Parpadelle was cooked al-dante which I really enjoy while the sauce is tomato base. Apart from these few elements, the dish itself felt rather flat. It does have flavour but it seems to lack depth. 

fuzio bar changkat bukit bintang

Funghi Pizza - RM32

For those who are madly in love with mushrooms, this pizza is definitely the one for you. Homemade pizza though that is done quite thinly topped with a light tomato sauce, cheese, heck of a mushroom and drizzled with truffle oil. Upon serving, the pizza permeates with the scent of truffle, which was delightful. It is also, a rather light dish and the flavours were really well balanced. 

fuzio bar changkat bukit bintang

Panna Cotta - RM24

For dessert, we had a humble serving of Panna Cotta with a huge strawberry and oranges with raspberry compote. The Panna Cotta was smooth, creamy and thick which felt a lot like a milk pudding. Flavour-wise, I did enjoy it and felt that it was a great finish to the heavy meal that we've had. 

To conclude, the dishes I've had at Fuzio Bar & Restaurant was superb to say the least. Most of their dishes packs a punch in terms of flavour, which I really enjoy since I have a heavy palette. Some of my favourite dishes includes the Antipasti, Merluzzo Al Forno (Cod), Creamagliera di Agnello (Lamb), Filetto di Manzo alla Grigilia (Steak) and Funghi Pizza. Service too was excellent though the food may be a little slow. However, patience is a virtue and the food is well worth the wait. Do not forget to pair your meal with some of their finest selection of wines as well. 

Also, for all my readers out there, do flash this page or mention my name to receive a 10% discount off your total bill! 


29, Jalan Berangan, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: Daily 5pm - 1am

Tel: 03 2110 0303

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