Bistro Richard @ KL Pac - Sentul East, KL

9:40:00 PM

Bistro Richard may not be located at the friendliest of places, but it is indeed a really romantic place to be. Located right next to KL Pac in Sentul East, passing through the boomgate and guardhouse is something to be expected. Do not be alarmed by the fact that Waze or Google Maps will direct you through that. However, do take note that it may bring you to the other side, which is blocked by a steel gate. If anything, search for KL Pac on Google and it should lead you directly here. 

bistro richard sentul kl

The walkway to the entrance of Bistro Richard. 

bistro richard sentul kl
bistro richard sentul kl
bistro richard sentul kl
bistro richard sentul kl

Upon entering and passing through the main gate, guests will be greeted by a short drive filled with greenery on the side. Enjoy this brief moment of bliss as you drive through a stretch of lushious greenery. 

The interior of the place is fairly simple but cozy. With warm lighting illuminating throughout the restaurant, it truly is a great place to be. This is the perfect spot for one to bring a date. 

bistro richard sentul kl escargot

Escargot - RM28

Starting off with a serving of beautifully cooked escargo and a side of garlic toasts. The escargot itself has a rich amount of garlic butter while the toasts are both crusty and flavourful. A great appetizer to say the least. 

bistro richard sentul kl black mussels soup

Black Mussels Soup - RM38

Served in a large bowl, Bistro Richard is incredibly generous when it comes to the portion of black mussels. The fish broth is done with actual fish bones, simmered for over 6 hours with a good amount of aromatics, which gives it that depth of flavour and richness. I guess ordering a serving of garlic toast to sweep the remaining of the broth doesn't seem all the ridiculous now isn't it? 

bistro richard sentul kl paella

Seafood Paella - RM85 (2pax)

For those who love carbs, this serving of Seafood Paella would definiely do the job. The risotto is not only cooked to fluffy perfection, it retains a tad bit of bite to it as well. It is also incredibly well seasoned with rich depth of flavour (after all, it has hint of real saffron in it.), topped with a generous amount of seafood such as squid, mussel and clams. Definitely worth going for if you're hungry. 

bistro richard sentul kl lamb shank

Braised Lamb Shank - RM68

What is Christmas without a serving of deliciously braised lamb shank? At Bistro Richard, the lambshank is not only grilled and baked to perfection, the braising and sauce are absolutely delicious and incredibly savoury. Served with a side of risotto, baby carrots, French beans and baby carrots. 

bistro richard sentul kl stuffed turkey christmas

Stuffed Turkey - RM85 (with a Christmas Pudding) 

Christmas will also not be fulfiled without stuffed turkey. Fortunately, this wasn't done like how most movies would depict it otherwise it would be incredibly hard to enjoy. The stuffed turkey is done with a slab of turkey breast filled with mushroom and cheese stuffing, rolled and wrapped with beef bacon, finished with a good amount of rosemary gravy. It is not only juicy and succulent, but packed with a good amount of flavour and texture as well. Served with a side of brocolli, French beans and roasted potatoes.

*Whole turkey available at the price of RM318++

bistro richard sentul kl spaghetti vongole pasta

Spaghetti Vongole - RM26

The Spaghetti Vongole is definitely a must have when you're here at Bistro Richard. Perfectly cooked spaghetti (al-dante) served with a rich and savoury seafood & white wine reduction. For those who enjoy garlic, this plate of pasta has an immense amount of garlic in it, making it really rich and heavy on the palatte. Finished with a good amount of clams and chery tomatoes. 

bistro richard sentul kl christmas pudding dessert

Christmas Pudding - RM85 (with stuffed turkey)

To finish, I had a humble serving of Christmas Pudding that is really rich in flavour. It has an immense amount of berries and a Brandy reduction, giving it that 'oomph' and flavour that it needs. Topped with fresh blueberries, cherry and laid on a vanilla sauce. 

In conclusion, Bistro Richard is more than a romantic place, pleasing to the eyes. The menu features a good amount of selection, carefully selected and crafted from scratch. It's not the most extensive in terms of variety, but at least each element within the menu is more than satisfactory. The food has presentation, flavour and texture - all of which rather hard to achieve together. So, if you're still looking for a restaurant to dine on Christmas, why not try out Bistro Richard? 


Lot 268, Jalan Strahchan off Jalan Ipoh, Sentul East (KL Pac), Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: 

Tuesday - Friday : 5pm - 11pm
Saturday - Sunday : 12pm - 11pm

Tel: 03-4041 3277

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