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I've been a Thai food for as long as I can remember. I loved the combinations of flavour you get in Thai cuisine which is pretty rare anywhere else. Fortunately, while we were enjoying ourselves at Sri Petaling, looking for a place to have lunch, we stumbled upon Thai U Up Restaurant. It's pretty new, as it opened just last week Friday (23/10/15). 

Which is why the renovation is still underway. They have yet to set up the frontage properly when we visited this afternoon. Not to mention that DBKL is just right in front of the shop, trying to expand on the parking route. 

This was a photo I borrowed from their Facebook page as I could not take it. 

Otak-Otak Seafood in Coconut (Hor Mok Talay) - RM18

Without further ado, we began with a simple but stunning looking Otak-Otak that is served in a coconut. It is unique and perhaps the first time I've seen such a presentation. More than that was the flavours in it. Light, fragrant, moist and packed with a rich depth of flavour. The wetness of the otak-otak too worked really well with rice. 

Green Curry Beef (Kaeng Kiew Wann Nue) - RM15

Followed by a pot of green curry beef, which has a generous serving of beef striploin, vegetables, and a well-blended curry spice, finished with some coconut milk. The curry itself was incredibly well-balanced and flavourful. The beef was not only cooked tender, but was rather large in size as well. Thus, giving it not only flavour but texture and a bite to it. 

Steamed Fish with Lemon & Chili (Pla Nung Manao) - RM42 (seasonal)

Next, a must have at any Thai Restaurant, would definitely have to be their sour-sauced fish. However, there is always a price to pay. Fortunately, the steamed fish we had was absolutely amazing. Not just because of the sauce but the freshness of the fish as well. 

The flesh was extremely flaky, tender and moist. Not forgetting the line of fats in the fish, which literally melts in your mouth and was extremely addictive. In short, it's freshness beyond measures. 

Seafood Tomyam (Tom Kha Talay) - RM22

This I believe, is a rule of thumb. Whether or not a Thai restaurant excels in their dishes is highly depended on their ability to make a delicious bowl of tom yam soup, be it seafood, meat or vegetarian. 

Like everything I've tried before this, the tom yam was incredibly delicious. To my surprise as it honestly did look a little pale and dead. The flavours were spot on and the spiciness was well balanced with a tinge of sweet and sour. The seafood used were undeniably fresh as the shells of the prawns fell right off. The mussels too were delicious. 

This is possibly one of the few good tom yam that I've had in Malaysia and I'm still somewhat surprised. 

Kailan with Salted Fish (Pad Ka-Nar Pla Kem) - RM12/20 Small/Big

Vegetables are crucial in a Thai Restaurant, especially when it comes to both the flavours and texture of the place. The Kailan with Salted Fish that we had was quite good as well. Cooked to crunchy perfection, the kailan wasn't overly done nor undercooked. The salted fish added that layer of flavour and texture to compliment the crunchiness of the kailan, which was served with a savoury gravy. 

Prawn with Steamed Egg (Kung Pad Sator) - RM28 (market price)

We were feeling a little generous this afternoon hence we went for their signature Prawn with Steamed Egg. As simple as it may look, the prawns were incredibly fresh, succulent and juicy. Not forgetting the amazingly infused steamed egg at the bottom (no, it's not cheese or milk sauce). The dish was well executed and balanced in flavour. Goes really well with some rice and tom yam. 

Crab with Milk & Egg (Poo Nung No Sod) - RM67.20 (market price)

My dear friend felt like having some crab, so we opt for one. This was the recommended as it was one of their signature as well. Similar to the prawns, it has a steamed egg based infused with the natural juices of the crab. 

The crab, like all the other seafood, was incredibly fresh too. The shell came pre-cracked and it was fairly easy to peel them apart. The flesh stay intact, which is a great sign of freshness. Juicy and succulent, the crab is definitely worth the try. 

Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Neow Mamaung) - RM8

Like every other Thai restaurant, the Mango Sticky Rice is the most popular. And having friends that crave desserts, we had opt for their mango sticky rice. Served quite generously with a ripe and sweet mango, the dessert was fairly good in cutting through all the flavours we had earlier. Though I wish it has a bit more coconut cream, but overall, it was pretty decent. 

This is the VIP room that we went for, since it was free. It is capable of fiting up to 12 pax, I think? As there were 7 of us, we were allowed to have the room at no charge! 

In conclusion, I think Thai U Up Restaurant offers a pretty good Thai cuisine, especially when it comes to seafood. We were told that some of the seafood are brought in fresh everyday, to ensure quality and taste. Which is great cause not many would be bothered by doing so. Thai U Up is also a rather cozy and comfortable place, where all of its tables are covered with a black cloth and paired with timber chairs. 

I've also heard that they offer pretty good BBQ items which I've yet to try. Perhaps next time? 


76, Jalan Radin Anum 1, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur, 

Operating hours: 12pm - 3pm, 5pm - 12am daily.

Tel: 03-9054 6742

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