Slappy Cakes @ Solaris Dutamas

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Apparently, there is a new pancake place in town (yes, that is my name and unfortunately that isn't my shop). Now, here is the unique part - they let you customized your own pancakes with the provided batter. 

Slappy Cakes is exactly what I'm talking about. Situated among the vast restaurants in Solaris Dutamas, it is a place of fun and joy, either by laughing at your friend's miserably failed pancake shape or simply enjoy drawing something sexual. Regardless of what it is, it truly was quite enjoyable. 

The entrance.

The interior is pretty simple. Done with mostly orange and wooden table top, fitted with a hot pan. The great thing about these pans were the fact that they can be sealed after you're done making pancakes and the hole in the middle will be placed with another piece of wood. 

Buttermilk - RM9
Chocolate - RM12
Peanut Butter - RM12
Whole Wheat - RM12
Condiments - RM3 - RM3.50 each

There are 4 types of batter available - buttermilk, chocolate, peanut butter and whole wheat. Each comes in a squeezy bottle for easy application with their respective labels. 

Personally, I enjoyed the buttermilk and chocolate the most. For some amazing reasons, the pancakes will stay fluffy regardless of how long you left it there. Of course, don't leave it for too long, but a substantial amount of them seemed fine. It was fluffy, light and had a really nice edge to it.

The pan too was great. Extremely non-stick and was surprisingly easy to flip those pancakes around. 

Paired with some of their condiments - homemade strawberry jam, cinnamon cream, blueberries, strawberries, lemon curd and white chocolate chips. Simply drop a few of them into your pancakes and enjoy. 

I started small, a regular pancake that had a nipple in the middle. 

Someone tried making a smiley face but turned out to be Jack Skellington. 

This is well....whatever you can imagine it to be. 

Smallest pancake ever made by me!

Some amazingly failed pikachu, bear and I have no idea what on Earth that is. 

My someone fancy Swiss-roll with 4-flavour batter.

Pancake burger with strawberry jam, cinnamon cream, white chocolate chips, maple syrup and lemon curd. Made with wholewheat batter for the buns and chocolate batter for the meat. 

I didn't know this but apparently you can make thin layer of pancakes too. Roll them around and it felt a lot like a pancake-version of "Love Letters". I highly recommend you guys to try this out, it is really good!

A pretty successful Mickey Mouse without his nose.

My final piece before I left - Doraemon!

Housemade Granola - RM15

Aside from pancakes, they too have quite a decent main menu. From the breakfast section, is the Housemade Granola. Served over Greek yogurt and topped with fresh fruits and banana! That Greek yogurt worked really well with the crusty granola. 

Slappy Benedict - RM23

The Slappy Benedict, which essentially is an eggs benedict too were pretty good. The egg was nicely poached, as seen from the photo above and topped with a rich and creamy hollandaise sauce on a bed of sauteed mushrooms, spinach and homemade muffin toast, served with coleslaw and baked potatoes. 

Flavours were nicely balanced though it was a little under-seasoned for me, but everything was cooked perfectly. The baked potatoes too had a nice salty and crusty skin along with a soft and fluffy interior. 

Salmon Aglio Olio - RM22

Last but not least, we had the Salmon aglio olio which was served with a generous amount of cubed salmon, seasoned and cooked to al-dante perfection. The pasta had a nice garlicky body to it while having a little heat from the dried chili flakes as well. Overall, it was pretty good. 

Overall, the entire experience at Slappy Cakes was great. The making of the pancakes were extremely fun and easy - not to mention delicious as well. It's recommended to come with a group of 4, each trying out 1 flavour and combining them when necessary.

Another key point is that almost everything here is made in-house. From the batter to the condiments and some other essentials such as the muffins as well. Taste wise, pretty spot on and I had no complains. Great place! So what are you waiting for, get on down to Slappy Cakes and proceed onto drawing!


A3-G2-3A, Solaris Dutamas, 
No1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 1, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, 

Operating hours: 10am-10pm

Tel: 03-6211 9949

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