Milkcow Softserve @ Sunway Pyramid, PJ

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Milkcow, one of Malaysia's favourite soft serve parlour has recently introduced a new way to enjoy these delights - in a 3oz cup! Cute and tiny 'niblets' that has been shrunk from it predecessors, but still packing that intense milky flavour and assorted toppings. They will go on sale starting from next Monday, 19th of October 2015. 

After all, Milkcow's soft serve ice cream is made with organic milk, and is imported from Korea. Which is why their ice cream has a nice balance between richness, creaminess and of course, sweetness.

Milkcow Malaysia' signature MilkyCube ice cream made with real honeycomb!

The kiosk feature a small but comfy set up. Everything you'll need is by the counter. 

Some of what I had that night. Everything on the menu remains the same, the only difference is the size. 

Milky Pop - RM11.50 / RM6.50

Beginning with the caramel popcorn ice cream, served with luxuriously coated, caramel popcorn along with a handful of caramel sauce. Fortunately, it wasn't as sweet as I'd expect it to be, as the caramel worked really well with the softserve, which was nice.

Milkycube - RM13.50 / RM8.50

This is their signature, softserve with real honeycomb. The honeycomb is edible but is recommended not to swallow. You can and it will digest overtime, but that's entirely up to you. I couldn't bare to swallow mine. I really liked the flavour of the honey as it wasn't too sweet, and fused beautifully with the softserve ice cream. I did wish for a little more honey though. Overall, this was my favourite. 

Macao Dream - RM13.50 / RM8.50

I do not know why is this called the Macao Dream but I do know that the Rose & Lychee macaroon was really delicious. It had a subtle but noticeable taste of both rose and lychee. Apart from the crumbly texture, the macaroon wasn't too sweet, which was pleasant and enjoyable. 

Black Pearl - RM11.50 / RM6.50

Unfortunately, this was my least favourite. Simple because the chocolate failed to appeal to me. I'd expect it to be rich and packed with chocolaty goodness but it was the opposite - which was quite sad. The name was really awesome though. Perhaps a few tweaks might be needed for the Black Pearl to rise above to the ocean and shine once again. 

Green Light - RM11.50 / RM6.50

For those who enjoys mint, this might appeal to you. No, it isn't artificially strong nor does it taste like toothpaste. The after effect however, leaves a permeating scent of peppermint, lingering in your mouth. I really liked that feeling but personally felt that the almond was not necessary. I'd have the mint sauce with just the softserve any day. 

Macaroons - RM4.50 1pcs, RM13.50 3pcs and RM28.50 7pcs. 

If you are wondering, yes, Milkcow does have their own set of macaroons. Ranging in different colours and of course, different flavours. Starting from the top, we have Red Velvet, Honeycomb, Salted Caramel (I sincerely do not know why is it purple), Nutella, Chocolate Mint and Salted Popcorn. There are several other flavours which I've yet to try. 

The macaroons in general were really well made. They weren't overly sweet and they had a nice crumbly texture. The cream fillings in the middle were surprisingly generous, where most of the flavours are stored. Beautifully done and definitely worth the price. 

In general, Milkcow Malaysia has more to offer than just a cup of delicious softserve. With the amount of variety along with different flavours and colours, it truly was a treat. Coupled with their delicious macaroons and imported Korean sodas, it was delightful to say the least. 


LG-K23, Sunway Pyramid,
No. 3 Jalan PJS11/15, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia.

Operating hours: Daily 10am-10pm

Tel: 03-7726 7370

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