Riverboat Cafe @ Taman Desa

8:00:00 AM

Riverboat Cafe is a simple and modern way of having Thai food. Unlike most Thai restaurant that relies heavily on the design of the place to make it as authentic as possible, Riverboat Cafe does it otherwise. With simple set up and straight to the point dining, it actually does not look like a Thai restaurant at all. 

The entrance.

The simple interior. 

We started off with some lemongrass drink, which looked a lot like green tea but taste more refreshing. 

Boat Noodle - RM2.90 per bowl

The boat noodle comes in several choices of meat - beef, chicken and pork. If it matters, Riverboat Cafe's boat noodle is the priciest I've seen, but also one of the larger portion in comparison. The soup was very flavourful and additional condiments may not be needed. However, adding a little heat to spice things up wasn't too bad. 

Grilled Pork Cheeks 

This was possibly one of the best Thai grilled pork cheeks that I've had. Absolutely well marinated and grilled to tender perfection. You could smell the intensity of the aroma when they brought it in. 

Thai Salad 

Like all Thai restaurants, Riverboat Cafe's version was quite standard. Sweet, spicy and sour with plenty of texture. 

Grilled Fish

Apart from all their Thai dishes, this was the one I enjoyed most. The fish was grilled with charcoal to perfection. The skin was encased in quite a generous amount of salt, resulting it being non-edible. However, I actually enjoyed a little piece of the skin together with the fresh and plump fish, wrapped and rolled with lettuce and condiments. Lovely and highly recommended!

Seafood Tomyam 

Unlike most Thai restaurant that uses a stainless steel pot with a small bonfire or a regular bowl, the seafood tomyam at Riverboat Cafe uses claypot. Which in most cases would enrich or enhance the flavour of the tomyam. However, I felt that the tomyam here was a little mild, suitable for the mass market. On the other hand, the ingredients tasted really fresh and the tomyam was also very aromatic. 

Overall, Riverboat Cafe is a rather simple and convenient way to enjoy Thai dishes. With more than boat noodles to offer, such as the amazing fish which I would definitely recommend, it's indeed quite a nice place to have Thai food. 


23 Plaza Danau Desa 2, 
Jalan 4/109F, 
58100 Kuala Lumpur, 

Operating hours: Daily 11am-10pm

Tel: 0379711270

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