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Now to be honest, I’ve never really been a fan of healthy food. More specifically, healthy food that taste bland and lacking in depth. And this happens all the time as most of the healthier options that I’ve had in the past turned out to be under-seasoned, dry and absolutely tasteless. As they try to compensate with added value like freshness and texture, it still wasn’t enough to captivate me. 

The entrance.

Despite all that, I am still in search for a restaurant that offers delicious food at a healthier rate. I mean, its no harm to simply look out for it isn’t it? Hence, here we were at Epic Fit Meals restaurant. 

Epic Fit Meals restaurant features delicious, wholesome and balanced everyday meals, freshly prepared and cooked upon ordering. They also provide delivery services to places around Damansara (more details below) at a maximum wait of 45 minutes per order. Inspired by Melbourne’s healthier lifestyle, Epic Fit Meals restaurant strives to provide the best they could at a really affordable price. 

Quite frankly, I had my doubts. Why wouldn’t I? Its perfectly normal but I will always keep my options open. Would definitely love to try new stuff and so, here I am! 

We began with some bottled mixed juices – one of their very own brands. They have 4 options (Red Apple Honey Smoothie, Classic Trifecta, Coolie Beauty and Agua Mello Smoothie), each with its own unique blend of fruits, vegies and yoghurt. 

However, my favourite would definitely be the Agua Mello Smoothie as it was freshly made and bottled from watermelon and yoghurt – two of my favourite ingredients. It’s comparatively smoother than the other drinks and slightly sweeter and easier on the throat. The others weren’t bad but they had a strong ‘cleansing’ feel to it. Great for those for wanna detox or get pumped with energy.

We continued with an array of side dishes – which I have to say, was a lot! The sides are divided into 2 sections – Sides and Epic Sides, priced at RM4.80 and RM5.80 respectively. 

Sides – RM4.80
Irish Colcannon – Pretty much a mashed potato with gravy, pretty good. 
Farmer’s Coleslaw – Didn’t really like this one as the sauce was really odd. 
Spicy Baked Wedges -  Pretty good, had a tinge of spiciness. 

Epic Sides – RM5.80
Epic Cauli-rice -  Was really weird, couldn’t enjoy it. 
Fire Cookies
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Mum Mushie Soup 

Pollo Supremo - RM19.80
Sam's Hawaiian Luau - RM19.80
Tricolor Margarita - RM17.80
Oz's Beef Delight - RM19.80

These are some of the pizzas that we've had. All of which were under a reasonable price of RM20. All their pizzas feature a thin crust base along with various toppings according to its name. Everything is made fresh upon order, which was a bonus. 

Honestly speaking, the flavours cannot be compared to most pizza joints as it is meant to be a healthier alternative. Having said that, it wasn't entirely bad either. Natural juices from the meat, vegetables and sauces are noticeable. Light but it gets the job done. 

Overall, it's a great place for those who are keen on eating healthy but not compromising on the taste and texture. 

Epic Artisan Wrapper  - RM12.80

Apart from healthier pizzas, Epic Fit Meals also offer an extensive range of wraps. Mixing in various ingredients and developing different flavour and texture. The wraps weren't only flavourful (way more flavour compared to the pizza), they were juicy, succulent and simply delicious. 

The team behind Epic Fit Meals. Overall, Epic Fit Meals is undeniably an extremely health-conscious place. With ingredients bought daily from the market, sauces and dishes made from scratch by a team of passionate food lovers, Epic Fit Meals is definitely a place to visit. 


E105, Block E, East Wing, 
Metropolitan Square, Jalan PJU 8/1, 
Damansara, Perdana,  
47820 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 10am-10pm

Tel: 03-7733 3375

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