Carpenter's Daughter @ Taipan, USJ

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I'm quite certain that Carpenter's Daughter is very well known among the USJ neighbourhood. Coming this August, the restaurant will be celebrating their 4th anniversary. In conjunction with that, they've also introduced a selection of new menu. Hence, I was fortunate enough to try them out!

The Carpenter's Daughter's entrance.

As many of you would already know, The Carpenter's Daughter is a cafe cum bakery. Featuring wholesome and homemade buns, made fresh without any preservatives, artificial flavour and colour. The process can be seen within the cafe, where bakers packs daily loafs of bread into their respective containers or baskets. 

Classic French Toast - RM15.90

We started off with a delicious and simple Classic French Toast. With homemade bread, organic Agave, baked apple cinnamon, butter and jam. Firm and fluffy sticks of french toast, lightly browned on the edge goes perfectly well with some organic Agave and baked apple cinnamon. Alternatively, the combination of butter and jam was delicious as well. Perfect for a Sunday breakfast, or any other day's breakfast for that matter. 

Bread Platter - RM20.90

Followed by a beautiful selection of Bread Platter. Served with 4 types of bread; tomato, 7-grain, cranberry and ciabatta, truffle butter, walnuts and a vine of delicious and seedless grapes. Loved the assortment of the different types of bread, each unique to its own flavour and texture and not to mention worked brilliantly with the truffle butter. Though I wished the butter was slightly softer so that it would be easier to spread. Loved the grapes as well as it was sweet and vibrant. 

Roasted Garlic Shrimp Dip - RM24.90

Delicious serving of shrimp and scallop infused with garlic, herbs and a hint of chilli and served with a crispy Italian square bread. Simply place the shrimp on the square bread and spread some of the delicious oil/sauce on the surface to enjoy. Loved the simplicity of presentation and complexity of flavour. Fresh and absolutely delicious. 

Yogurt Parfait & More - RM23.90

Here we have what I would call, a complete breakfast menu. Served with fresh Muesli yogurt parfait, fresh orange juice, salad, mini roll with tuna and a pastry of the day. Simple, straight-forwarded and absolutely delicious. Loved the presentation as well. Salad was rather odd but I somehow enjoyed it. 

Classic Aglio Olio - RM15.90 + additional RM7 for Smoked Duck

Customers will get a choice of penne or spaghetti for the pasta. The spaghetti was nicely al-dante as it retained the firmness of the noodles. It also wasn't very oily but each strand was beautifully coated and seasoned. The additional smoked duck was not only salty, it gave the pasta an added depth of both flavour and texture. Finished with a squeeze of lemon juice from the wedge, it was vibrant, well flavoured and absolutely delicious. 

Afternoon Tea for 2 - RM42.90

Now I'm not really an afternoon-tea person but I do enjoy it on occasion. Served with a wide selection of premium tea (Ronnefeldt Tea), scones with jam & cream, pastry, cake, sandwiches and macarons. Everything was quite straight-forward and beautifully executed. Scones were fluffy, light and pairs brilliantly with the cream and jam. Macarons were light, crumbly and packed with flavour. Lemon meringue pie was really sour, and I somehow did enjoy that as well. Sandwiches were fairly simple and average but the carrot cakes were simply delicious. Light, fluffy and full of texture. 

Overall, I believe that the Carpenter's Daughter has much to offer. From their excellent selection of breads and pastries to their ever so delicious main course, everything was well executed and presented. Not only did it taste good, it felt relatively healthy as well. Love their passion for food and proper execution and definitely love their bread as well. Though it might be a little pricey, but for the ingredients and method of preparation, I believe its worth it. 

Their menu will be revamped starting the first of August and only then will some of the items be available. Until then, I guess patience is virtue? The Carpenter's Daughter is also expanding, obtaining half the store next door, they will be serving sinful delights until 12 midnight. So, USJ now has a brand new dessert place! 


No. 46G UEP Subang Jaya, 
UEP, Jalan USJ 10/1e, 
47620 Subang Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

Operating hours: Daily 8.30am-10pm
Tel: 03-8081 1218

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