Pulp by Papa Palheta @ APW, Bangsar

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I guess everyone would already know of such cafe - called Pulp. It's not all that new as it has been around for more than a year now. However, within such a short period of time, they have got significant recognition from the public and coffee lovers. Pulp is also located at the odd side of Bangsar, not where every cafe is - usually at Jalan Telawi. Instead, it is located at a more hidden location, at the Art Printing Works factory. Don't know what I'm talking about? Refer below!

It looks really nice from here, but you wouldn't guess what the surrounding is like.

Back entrance.

This is the entire Pulp. Turned into a cafe from an ex-printing factory.

Hot Chocolate - RM10

Deliciously rich hot chocolate with a nicely done "coffee" art. Absolutely loved it. 

Latte - RM12

Light, aromatic and absolutely milky. Great for those who can't take stronger or more acidic coffees. 

Tuna & Egg Mayo Croissant - RM20

A simple serving of crispy croissant stuffed with tuna, egg mayo, lettuce and tomatoes. I absolutely love the crispiness and lightness of the croissant, which is really hard to find nowadays. It's either soggy or bland in flavour. This on the other hand, was buttery and crisp - which outshines the tuna and mayo itself. For those who really love a good croissant, this comes highly recommended!

Balance Breakfast Ver 1.0 - RM24

Though the breakfast may seem a little empty, it was packed with flavourful goodness. The rosti was not only soft and well cooked, it was seasoned to perfection. Topped with a fried egg on top with the yolk ready to burst - it was absolutely delightful. The smoked chicken sausages were really good as well. Tasted really fresh and additional salt and pepper were sprinkled on top for that added flavour. Loved the crisp skin of the sausages as well.

Balance Breakfast Ver 2.0 - RM24

The version 2 of the Balance Breakfast. Similar to the first but different and unique in its own ways. Served with 2 rosti, sour cream, lamb + cranberry and lamb + beef merguez sausages accompanied by rocket leaves. The sour cream really helped lifts the flavour and lightness of the rosti, giving it that added depth. The two unique sausages on the other hand, were absolutely delicious. Loved the simple looking but complex flavour of both of them. Everything was fresh, seasoned and cooked to perfection. 

Summer Salad - RM12

A simple bowl of fresh leaves, full boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, apricot and vinaigrette. Light, zesty and straight-forwarded.

OMG! Truffle Popcorn - RM14

Fragrant and packed with truffle goodness. Light and absolutely addictive. 1 bag was simply not enough. Though I do wish it was a little more buttery, but nevertheless, all was good. 


Seasonal Coffee - Suke Quto & Koke

Pulp truly was, and currently is all about coffee. Their core business isn't running the cafe itself, but more towards the commercial side or coffee and its machinery & services. Hence, its no surprise that they do offer unique tasting coffees that no other cafe does. 

I had the Suke Quto coffee which was really light and citrus-y. For some reason, it was aromatic and flavourful in a way I could not explain. I personally felt that there was a nice balance between fruits and coffee, which is quite rare. Never had anything like it before. 

Occasionally, Pulp do offer weird sounding coffees for a limited time. So for those who love trying out new coffee, do pop by and ask what's new on their menu!

Cold Brew - RM12

I'm pretty sure many of you would have heard of Cold Brew. Not exactly something new but it is absolutely refreshing! Unfortunately I couldn't bring the bottle home as they have mentioned to "not bring it out from the factory".

Carrot Cake & Chocolate Truffle

One of the few carrot cakes which I really enjoy. I personally hate carrot cakes but this one on the other hand, was absolutely delightful. Lots of flavour and texture topped with fresh cream cheese. Goes really well with the Cold Brew coffee.

The Chocolate Truffle too, was rich in chocolaty flavour. Really appreciate the fact that they've added 3 chocolate truffle on top, which really help in terms of aesthetics and added value. Also, it goes really well with a cup of latte. 

In conclusion, Pulp does not only excel in its coffee, but in their food and cakes as well. Though it is mentioned that Pulp focuses more towards the coffee industry, their food certainly stands out beyond the rest. I guess they do work well with both. For those who opt to open a cafe or even learn about the magic of coffee, Pulp do offer classes and provide services regarding the cafe industry. Simply pop in and ask any of their baristas for help. Last but not least, it is recommended to visit in the afternoon for those who want to take nicer photos. 


Pulp by Papa Palheta,
29-01, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 

Operation hours: Tuesday - Friday, 9am - 7pm. Weekends 9am - 10pm

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