Interlude - The First International Tapas Bar in Malaysia @ TTDI

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Over the years, we've come across quite a number of tapas bar and Interlude was one of my latest ventures. Located in the midst of TTDI, Interlude is the 1st International Tapas Bar in Malaysia. Featuring dishes from more than several countries in one location. Interlude itself also mentioned that they are a form of casual-fine dining restaurant - in which the food is good but the formality is removed. They also have a bar within the restaurant that spice up a variety of mixed alcoholic beverages and various virgin mojitos. 

The entrance.

Mushroom Soup - RM19

We began with this cute bowl of mushroom soup. It's a bowl, within a plate-bowl, covered with a bowl. Inside, the soup was packed with a great depth of flavour. It is however, a little more watery compared to many others and lack of mushroom bits. But I do enjoy the intensity of its taste. 

Garlic Prawns Served with Tomato Salsa - RM20

First and foremost, the prawns were really fresh. Even though there were quite a number of prawns, it felt insufficient. Perhaps due to the awesomeness of the sauce and flavour. A great appetizer indeed!

Quattro Pork Pizza - RM28

If you're ever bored with just 1 flavour for a pizza, why not try their 4-topping pork pizza instead? There's the Lap Cheong Sausage, Pork Bacon, Crispy Pork Belly and Chorizo, each with 2 servings on a thin crust pizza. Flavour were really good, rich, savoury and tomatoey. Texture was just right - crisp and light, but not dry nor soggy. 

Crispy Pork Belly with Killkenny Glaze - RM20

This particular plate of Crispy Pork Belly is like the Americanize version of the Char Siew. Cut in thick, juicy and succulent slices with an extremely crispy skin - far more than usual char siew, and served on a bed of slaw. The flavours were intense - mostly salty. On the side note, the Killkenny glaze was barely noticeable - which was quite sad. 

Nantua of Spaghetti with a Selection of Seafood - RM30

Yes, RM30 might be a tad pricey for spaghetti. However, this was easily one of the top 5 spaghetti that I've had over the years of doing a food review. Packed with a great depth and intensity of flavour along with a variety of fresh seafood, and I do mean really fresh! Overall, I would highly recommend it. 

Grilled Pork Ribs with Guiness BBQ Sauce - RM38

Soft, tender and absolutely flavourful. The grilled pork ribs was cooked and marinated to perfection. The best part about the ribs was the skin, it was still on there! The Guiness BBQ sauce was a little different from usual BBQ sauce, it has a smokier and deeper end to its taste rather than just sweet and sour. It was a great combination indeed. The mash potato too, was extremely smooth - velvety as well. Seasoned to perfection, the mashed potatoes goes really well with the pork ribs. Even the slaw was pretty amazing. 

17 Hours Slow Cooked Pork Belly - RM36

This I believe, along with the Grilled Pork Ribs, is Interlude's signature dish. The 17 hours slow cooked pork belly using the sous vide technique. Beautifully tender with an extremely crispy skin. Which was one of the unique element within this dish. Served with a gribiche inspired sauce which subtlely and beautifully complimented the pork belly.

Nutella Cake 

Rich, creamy and beautifully plated. The Nutella Cake exhibits not only flavour, but quite an interesting texture as well. A nice ending to a fulfilling meal. 

Caramel Trifle - RM18

Caramel ice cream topped with date syrup, chocolate biscottie and pomegranate molasses. Interesting unique, not your everyday serving of desserts. I would say it's a pretty acquired taste kinda thing. 

Rainbow Shots

This was one of their signature drinks a the bar, the rainbow shots. All done within a single shaker, and poured out over a straight line of shot glasses. Absolute beauty and precision. 

In conclusion, I would say Interlude Restaurant and Bar is truly a place for food and relaxation. The prices were reasonable in accordance to it's taste and quality - which was really quite rare. Their selection of drinks too were unique in its own way. Furthermore, there is a free flow of alcoholic drinks on Wednesday for the ladies (Ladies' Night), which is so unfair for us guys. On every Friday, there will also be a live band performance from 9pm-11pm. All and all, they have the whole package, from food to drinks, service to ambiance. A really nice place to be after a hard day's work. 


50, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, 
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Kuala Lumpur.

Operation hours: Tues - Sun, 4pm - 2am. (Monday closed)

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