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It has been awhile since I've last visited Jaya Shopping Center. Back then it was still pretty empty, but I guess it's filling up rather quickly. Anywho, back to Tossed Cafe. It's not like any other cafe you'll find around PJ or KL. In fact, it's so against the trend, that it might look a little old school. What do I mean by that? Scroll down to find out.

Tossed Cafe is one of the latest additions to Jaya Shopping Center, and quite possibly among other cafes as well. It's located on the highest floor near the atrium of the building.

This is how it looks. Simple, friendly and somewhat family oriented design. 

Loved the hanging chair - it gives a nice balcony-like feeling to whoever is dining there.

The casual area too was quite comfy. Bean bags and artificial grass with low table. Simply plug in your laptop and relax away. 

We started off with some drinks, with the middle being mine. Can't remember exactly what it was called but it has something to do with blue,fizzy and lemonade. In short, it was absolutely refreshing with a tinge of sweetness. However, I also did enjoyed their signature lemongrass-mix which was really refreshing and fragrant. 

Tossed! Beef Burger - RM22.90

The combination here is pretty straight-forward. Buttered bun with beef patty, a slice of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and finish with a homemade BBQ sauce and fries on the side. The burger itself was alright, nothing too fanciful nor was it bad. It had quite the balance but I would prefer if it had a little more...oomph! 

Tossed! Fried Rice - RM18.90

You'll be surprise to find a fried rice in a place like this. Truth be told, I was pretty surprised as well. As most of it's menu item consists of western cuisine, having something local certainly did gave me a shock. But anyway, the fried rice was cooked really well. It was also well seasoned and aromatic. Not too dry, which I really appreciate. The chicken however, was a little dry for me, but at least it had flavour. Overall, it's a pretty simple dish - great for an afternoon lunch. 

Seafood Marinara - RM20.90

A simple serving of fresh seafood with fettuccine (choice of spaghetti, spirali or fettuccine) and a tomato based sauce. Pretty good, everything was cooked and seasoned nicely. Though for the price, I would expect a little more mussels or clams. 

Beef Bolognese - RM17.90

Beef Bolognese has always been my favourite type of spaghetti among the basics. I don't really enjoy alfredo nor carbonara as much, but bolognese - absolutely love it! This particular bowl of beef bolognese was pretty good too. It has that depth of flavour and the essence of the beef, which is pretty rare to find. Every element was cooked and seasoned properly as it tasted absolutely delicious. 

Spicy Prawn Aglio-Olio - RM18.90

Prawns were cooked to perfection but the flavour was lacking. It wasn't really a bad bowl of spaghetti per se, but it lacks that required kick. In short, it was my least favourite among them all. 

Salmon Fusilli - RM20.90

This bowl was surprisingly good. It looked really simple, pretty much just spiralli with salmon and some sauce. But it was incredibly well balanced. Not too rich nor savoury but light instead. I guess it's the perfect dish for those who can't take anything too heavy. 

Tossed! Signature Fruit Salad - RM18.90

This was an absolute delight to have. Lots of fresh cut fruits such as watermelon, strawberry, blueberry and oranges along with some cherry tomatoes, lettuce and their homemade balsamic vinegar. Great bowl of salad - really loved it. 

Tossed! Signature Wings - RM12.90

From a far, it really looked Korean for some reason. Maybe it's the presentation style with the sesame seed and sauce on top, cause regular American wings don't look like that. Flavour-wise, it was alright. I did wish it was slightly crispier and pack with more spices. But as a start, it was decent. 

Banana Fritters - RM12

For some reason, I really enjoyed this despite my hate towards banana. The crispiness works and the syrup gave it that added sweetness it required. The vanilla ice cream on the side as well was a good compliment to the banana fritters - which was really surprising considering the fact I hate bananas. 

Chocolate Brownie - RM10

For me, the brownie itself was rather dense and dry. I actually prefer if it was moist, sticky and pack full of fudginess. Double layered with additional ice cream would be nice. However, the chocolate brownie here at Tossed was decent, it just wasn't great. 

Fatbaby Salted Caramel - RM8

Last but not least, Fatbaby ice cream. For me, it tasted really similar to Forty Licks, but different in its own unique way. It was good, loved the additional caramel in there which wasn't offered by Forty Licks. But flavour-wise, Forty Licks is slightly saltier and Fatbaby is a little more caramel-ish. In the end, it's up to you which you prefer most. 

In conclusion, I believe that Tossed Cafe is quite obvious that it isn't your regular hippy cafes. It serves a decent meal in a clean and comfortable environment, with 4 different method of sitting - swing chair, bean bags, long table or a table for 4. Service was pretty responsive and the price is on a reasonable scale. It's not entirely cheap nor was it too expensive. If you're hoping for a quick and wholesome lunch, Tossed will definitely be able to assist you. 


4.51, Level 4, Jaya Shopping Centre,
Jalan 14/17, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Operating hours: 10am-10pm

Tel: 03-79318994

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