Neroteca Italian Restaurant @ Plaza Damansara

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If you're a fan of wood-fired oven pizza just like I do, then wait no longer! Neroteca Italian restaurant offers exactly that and more!

Unfortunately, I was in a hurry home hence the photo at night didn't come out as I'd expect it to be.

See that golden thing at the left? That's a huge ass coffee machine!

Loved the interior dining space as it was not only beautifully decorated but everything was perpendicular and parallel.

And that my friend, is love. Wood-fired oven with real firewood burning away. 

Salade de Chevre - RM36

We started off with a plate of wholesomely amazing salad. Topped with goat's cheese croutons, pancetta, semi-dried tomatoes, grilled chicken, pine nuts and mixed salad, the flavours and texture were indeed overwhelming. Loved the combination of flavour, especially the goat's cheese and pancetta along with the pine nuts, croutons and leafy greens. 

Pizza with Honey Ham and Sliced Parmesan Cheese 

This combination was one of their custom-made-to-order type of pizza. It's off menu and usually available as a daily specials. However, you can still make a request if they have the ingredients in stock.

Back to the taste,the pizza has a beautiful brown crusted edge, lightly toasted at the bottom and a consistent layer all the way through. The tomato base was also savoury enough to give it that body it desires. Honey ham, rocket leaves and Parmesan cheese were 3 very simple ingredients but cooked perfectly with each other, they taste amazing. Overall, great pizza!

Spaghetti in Sugo di Pesce - RM56

I think it's safe to say that this was one of the most expensive plate of spaghetti that I've ever had. It was also one of the best without a doubt. Not only was the seafood fresh and cooked to perfection, the sauce was light, flavourful and extremely well balanced. It worked in harmony to bring the essence of the scallops, squid, prawns, mussels and clams together with the al-dante spaghetti. And I must stress on how amazing the spaghetti itself was! A recommendation is a must for this!

Meatball Pappardelle

This was also one of their custom-special dishes not available in the menu. The Pappardelle, like the previous spaghetti, was cooked and seasoned to absolute perfection. To be frank, the pappardelle itself was more than enough to satisfy my pasta cravings. On the other hand, I did not enjoy the meatballs as much as I thought it lacks that oomph or wow factor. It's not bad per se, but due to the previous standards, my expectations grew higher. Nevertheless, really enjoyed the combination as well. 

Ribs Cajun - RM69

It may not look like much but believe us, it was packed full of flavour and texture. We begin with the beautifully seasoned cauliflower mash at the base of the ribs, followed by a perfectly cooked greens on the side and most importantly, awesomely done ribs. Not only was the ribs packed with flavour and a hint of spiciness, the doneness was spot on. Juicy, succulent and absolutely delicious! Two racks were simply insufficient for anyone who love a good plate of ribs!

Tiramisu Della Casa - RM22

It actually is pretty rare to find Tiramisu with a dash of whisky in it. Here in Neroteca, not only was there whisky, but whisky infused within the sponge itself. The best part of it is when you place it in your mouth and a gush of whisky along with a smooth chocolaty and coffee flavour. In short, it was not only balanced in flavour, but unique in its texture as well.

Overall, I would say that my experience at Neroteca was absolutely phenomenal. But then again, it's no surprise as the owners of this particular Neroteca owns A LI YAA Island restaurant as well. Service was responsive and friendly, ambiance was comfortable and cozy but most importantly, the food was amazing! A place that I would definitely recommend even though the price may be slightly high. However, I assure that it is definitely worth it.


17 & 15, Plaza Damansara,
Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Operation hours: 9am-12am 

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