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How often do you find a Japanese cafe here in Malaysia? I may name a few of those popular ones but there are not many in total. Haikara Style Cafe on the other hand, is a rare one. Owned and operated by a Japanese and his daughter, offering excellent customer services and delicious Japanese inspired cafe dishes. The dishes that comes from Haikara Style Cafe may look ordinary, but I can assure you, it's not.

Cute signboard!

Simple and cozy interior with plenty of rooms and table for everyone!

Black Chili Frank - RM9.90

We started off with a cute plate of hot dog served with lettuce, chili, cheese and a soft charcoal bun. Even though it might look a little too simple, the combination of flavours were exceptional. The charcoal bun was not only soft, but extremely airy as well. The additional chili topping with cheese on top too was my favourite part. It gave the dish the body and flavour it needs. 

Pink Carbonara - RM24.90

This plate of carbonara can possibly be in the top 10 carbonaras I've had over the years. Spicy miso cream sauce mixed with fresh squid, red capsicum, dory fish and finished with tomato and toasts. What I love most about the Pink Carbonara is the mentaiko infused within the spicy miso cream sauce. It gave the carbonara so much more depth and flavour which I really enjoy. 

Chicken Katsu Sandwiches - RM15.90

Interestingly, the sandwich itself wasn't to star of the dish. I personally find that the potatoes were the star as they were heavenly. Beautifully seared with just the right amount of seasoning making it not only crisp and salty on the outside, but soft and fluffy as well. The sandwich itself wasn't bad, but unfortunately the title was stolen by the potatoes on the side. 

Tartar Salad - RM19.90

The salad offered at Haikara Style Cafe isn't much to shout about, but it is something I wouldn't want to miss either. The ingredients used to compose the salad are pretty straight-forwarded. corn, cabbage, lettuce, tomato, chicken katsu and some homemade tartar egg sauce along with some sweet and sour sauce. 

The last part was what interested me as it was the two ingredients that made the salad so much more appealing. Lovely flavour, fresh and absolutely fat-free. Well, if you don't eat the chicken of course. 

Salmon Cream Pasta - RM27.90

Now, because I had the Pink Carbonara first, the salmon cream pasta didn't come close. Nevertheless, the salmon was actually fresh and the touch of bak choi was pretty fun. It's not entirely creamy as it was quite watery, but the flavours were still intact. Overall, it wasn't a bad pasta, just a pasta that wasn't able to compete with the Pink Carbonara. 

Croquette - RM9.90

Crispy, sweet and absolutely addictive. It's great as a side or an appetizer. Possibly one of the crispiest and most flavourful croquette that I've had in years. 

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Last but not least, Haikara Style Cafe's special cheesecake - infused with pumpkin. Now I'm not exactly a fan of pumpkin, but I did appreciate the texture and combination of Haikara's version. It wasn't overpowered with either cheese or pumpkin but rather was balanced by both. The cheesecake was not only soft but extremely smooth as well. It's a great way to finish a meal alongside a cup of their signature blend coffee. 

Overall, most of what I've had from Haikara were pretty good. In terms of its service and food, both stand side by side one another. The price range too was rather affordable as nothing went more than RM20 except for their pasta. In which I don't mind paying for the Pink Carbonara. In short, I will definitely revisit them again! 


Ground Floors, 
Menara A & M, 
Garden Business Centre, 

Operation hours: 11am-10pm daily (closed on Mondays)

Tel: 03-3381 9588

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