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If you're in a dilemma between choosing what form of Japanese cuisine to eat, hop over to Yoshinoya and Hanamaru Udon at Midvalley as they offer a variety of Udon and Rice sets. The restaurant itself is one but within it lies 3 different brands. Though they fall under the same management and I couldn't see the reason behind splitting them up.

Anyway, inside the combined restaurant, you'll pretty much get a feel of a high-end Japanese food court. It's entirely self-service with. So if you opt for rice, which is available at Yoshinoya, simply purchase it and find a place to sit. This goes to the Hanamaru Udon and Azuki Drinks bar.

The entrance. 

Azuki & Cafe drinks area

Spacious and cozy seating area. It does have a Japanese feel to it instead of a common food court.

Freshly blended juice and soda from Azuki Cafe.

Salad Udon - RM10/RM13 Regular/Large

A rather fun thing to have - salad and cold udon with roasted sesame sauce. Topped with sliced chicken and pumpkin strips. Tasted more like a salad than an udon which was a good thing. Refreshing and light and great for those on a diet. 

Ontama Bukkake - RM8/RM11 Regular/Large

This was surprisingly one of the best Udon of the night. Just a simple bowl of perfectly cooked udon, runny yolk, some sauce and voila! Absolutely delicious. Not to mention cheap as well. 

Curry Udon - RM10/RM13 Regular/Large

Sweet curry sauce with plenty of carrots and potatoes on udon noodles. Flavours were well balanced and it wasn't overly rich, which was something I'd appreciate. 

Beef Udon - RM12/RM15 Regular/Large

To those who enjoys a bowl of flavourful and light broth, this is the udon for you. The broth itself was bursting with flavours and the udon noodles goes really well with it. In short, it was an aromatic bowl of udon!

Tori Dashi Udon - RM10/RM13 Regualar/Large

This was the least favourite among the all that I had that night. Mainly because the broth was lacking in flavour. 

Spicy Miso Udon - RM12/RM15 Regular/Large

Last but not least, the Spicy Miso, which was also one of my favourites that night. The broth had a tinge of spiciness alongside its flavourful base which made it really enjoyable for someone who likes spicy food. 

Chicken Karaage - RM5.80

If udon isn't enough, have some fried chicken on the side! Relatively cheap and absolutely crisp and flavourful!

Beef Bowl - RM9.80/RM11.80 Regular/Large

Last but not least, from the Yoshinoya side, their signature beef bowl. Sliced beef which was packed full of flavour alongside beautifully caramelized onions and soft fluffy rice, it truly was a hearty Japanese bowl.

A compilation of all the dishes we had which includes some of the side dishes not mentioned above. 

In conclusion, the food at both Yoshinoya and Hanamaru were pretty good. In fact, for the price you pay, it really is extremely reasonable. Overall, I would say that Yoshinoya and Hanamaru makes Japanese cuisine affordable and delicious for everyone to enjoy, especially the working population of Midvalley. 


Lot T-015B, Level 3,
Midvalley Megamall.

Tel: 03-2201 8789
Operation hours: 10am-10pm daily

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