The Soprano's - Italian-German Restaurant @ Newcom Building, Old Klang Road (OUG)

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It truly has been awhile since the last time I've visited any Western-fusion restaurant or any of the kind for that matter. The Soprano's is currently situated in the Newcom building, located along the roads of OUG. I believe the place has been renovated once, though I'm not very sure. Anyway, back to the restaurant - inside, its a pretty big place with plenty of tables available. Furthermore, there is also a stage where live bands performs on weekdays and an open-karaoke session for the diners on Sunday! So if you're an avid fan of live performances, entertainment and food, do hop over to The Soprano's!

The grand entrance of The Soprano's. Beautiful hanging lights with a classy facade.

The stage where performances and open-karaoke session are held.

The ever-so-lavish bar area with quite a list of alcoholics to order from.

Blue Marine Cocktail

We started off with some really fresh and plump prawn cocktail, topped with delicious thousand island sauce, fresh cherry tomatoes, a lemon wedge and lettuce. A great starter indeed.

Cozze Alla Diavala

Delicious and large Blue Mussels beautifully cooked in a rich and flavourful white wine cherry tomato sauce that goes really well with even the simplest of bread sticks. Aromatic, flavourful and absolutely delicious - I don't mind getting high cholesterol over these! 

Linguine al Cartoccio

Freshly made linguine cooked in a delicious light cherry tomato sauce with sliced garlic and Italian parsley alongside fresh seafood which includes scallops, prawns, squid and mussels. A dish with a great depth of flavour, good consistency of noodles and most importantly, a great meal for pastas/seafood lovers! 

Impereriale Pizza

I believe imperfection is the new perfection. A pizza does not have to be neatly distributed nor equal in size. What matters is on the inside (and on top). Much like what we have here, a simple serving of bell peppers, onions, black olives, mushrooms and Italian sausages topped on delicious tomato base and finished with mozzarella cheese and oregano. 

Agnello Arrosto alla Trapanese

Beautifully pink char-grilled lamb served with smashed potatoes and seasoned grilled vegetables and sauce of your choice - black pepper, mushroom or Bearnaise. Loved the flavour and the tenderness of the lamb rack - it's simple, straight-forwarded and absolutely stunning. Though I wish they offered 4 racks instead of 2 haha. 

Baked King Prawns with Caper Sauce

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what this was called but I do recall taking most of it. Deliciously plump, juicy, tender and flavour king prawns topped with some capers and garlic sauce alongside fresh salad. One of my favourites of the night - great flavour, texture and last but not least, portion! 

Baby Rippen

It may look unappetizing here in this photo, perhaps due to the fact that I did not cut it and take what's inside. Nevertheless, it's actually baby back pork ribs! Though the portion of the ribs may contradict the term "baby". Regardless, it was flooded with a sweet and savoury bbq-like maple glaze alongside pan-fried potatoes, red cabbage and coleslaw. Great for those who enjoy a hearty meal of ribs. Remember, eat with your hands! 

Mushroom Soup

It may seem a bit weird, but as you guys should already realize, I draft all my blog post according to the dishes first served. With that, I usually go by drinks to appetizers and mains to desserts. This however, was slightly odd. The mushroom soup came unannounced at the end. Fortunately, the soup was well balanced - not too heavy nor light, and it had a great depth of flavour. Perhaps the use of truffle oil? I'm not sure, but it certainly was absolutely delicious. 

This is the masterchef behind all their awesome dishes. Oh, did I not mention? He speaks perfect Cantonese. Half Sicilian-half Austrian, worked in Hong Kong for 15 years and speaks flawless Cantonese! (Makes some Chinese-banana looked really bad for some reason hahaha)

Here are two drinks specially made from the bar - a blue margarita and Sex on the Beach! Carefully and beautifully crafted from their bartenders - loved the balance in it!

In conclusion, I felt that The Soprano's offer a great variety and authentic Italian-German cuisine. Quite a number of the dishes had a cherry-tomato base in them, which I dearly enjoy. Most of the dishes had a really good depth of flavour, from the first bite all the way down to the after-taste. The freshness in all the ingredients used definitely adds a point to the restaurant as only the finest and freshest seafood, poultry and vegetables are chosen in The Soprano's. Not to mention their dough for bread, pizza, Grissini Breadsticks and other related products!  

Hence, the authenticity, flavour and service are some of the best things, offered here at The Soprano's. For those who enjoy some spirits, wines or even cocktails, The Soprano's do offer a wide range of choices at their internal bar area. Just order and have them delivered to your table! 


Lot1, 1st floor, Newcom Club,
413, Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama.
58000, Kuala Lumpur

Operation hours: 12pm-late daily. 
Tel: 03-7972 8363

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