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Chinese New Year is just around the corner and restaurants have already started their preparation for this festive season. However, Youmiqi is not your everyday Chinese restaurant. Unlike many Oriental restaurant available here in Malaysia that offers Cantonese dishes, Youmiqi's menu originated from Shun De, China. Slightly different and more unique, but it's a pretty acquired taste as well.

The entrance to the bungalow. 

A beautiful sign made from dimsum baskets.

Somewhat strange yet interesting decor with emerald green chairs, red bricks and exposed concrete. 

Soy sauce, toothpicks, wet tissues and a small bottle of Wasabi essence. There's a reason why they had it placed there. You'll find out soon enough.

Spicy Cucumber

A great appetizer to start off, some spicy cucumber. Though some may argue that it was sweet, it was in fact, really spicy. Especially when I bit one of the chili padi. 

Braised Chicken Feet

Deliciously braised and packed full of flavour. However, I dislike the tightness and firmness of the skin, as it wasn't easily edible. 

Prosperous Yee Sang - RM68

Although the salmon was nicely sliced and fresh, the sauce itself was slightly too sourish for my liking. Texture-wise and freshness of ingredients, not an issue at all. 

Poon Choy - RM428

A great bowl of poon choy consisting of your freshest and most exquisite ingredients. Fresh mushrooms, broccoli, roasted duck, roasted chicken, sea cucumber and many more! All laid upon a metal dish, just millimeters above the pan with some broth. Simmer and boiled before serving. Overall, great flavour and an awesome selection of ingredients. 

Fried Noodle Fish with Salt and Pepper - RM48

Soft, chewy and a hint of spiciness along the way. Though I wished it was fried to a crispier perfection. But overall, great seasoning but a tad too salty. Goes great with beer no doubt. 

Braised Yellow Seacucumber - RM180

Yes, it may look like a yellow turd from here. If fact, I'd imagine the texture it similar as well. However, overall combination of flavour and texture was pretty acceptable. Not all great for my liking, or perhaps it may be an acquired taste as well. Nevertheless, definitely something new to try. 

Crispy Fried Oyster - RM48

Similarly, doesn't look as appetizing but the oyster was cooked to perfection. Sweet and juicy on the inside and crisp on the outside. Tasted great when dipped in chili sauce. 

Lap Mei Claypot Rice - RM38

Lap mei rice is commonly found in almost every Chinese restaurant, especially during the Chinese New Year season. Each restaurant has their own version and vary from each other. Despite trying so many, I personally find the Lap Mei Claypot Rice served at Youmiqi the best. Soft, aromatic and full of flavour! Furthermore, it wasn't dry nor chewy but warm and fluffy!

Seafood Stew Wok - RM150

Similar to the Poon Choy, it has to be cooked in front of us before serving. A rich broth alongside your choice of fish, beancurd, vegetables, small clamps and herbs. However, the taste wasn't as easily acceptable and I find the taste, slightly fishy. But nevertheless, the broth was enjoyable despite the fishy taste. 

Shrimp Sashimi - RM98

Remember the Wasabi essence? Here is where they used it. Some Wasabi essence and soy sauce to go with the shrimp sashimi - absolutely delicious. Sweet, juicy and full of flavour - not to mention that wasabi kick! Apart from the sashimi, the spiced prawn head was pretty awesome as well. Spicy, flavourful and cholesterol-hiking! 

Cheese Baked Yan Tat - RM29

At first sight, it looks amazing. Vibrantly purple with a dash of yellow. However, it didn't taste like how I'd imagine it would. It was soft, much like a overcooked Japanese sweet potato with a slice of salty cheese on top. Interesting and something I've never had before. 

Overall, the dishes served was indeed unique and new. After years of dining in regular oriental restaurants, it's great to finally have something different for this festive season. Bold flavours, great recipe and somewhat unique taste, acquired if you will, is what Youmiqi is here to offer. 


Youmiqi Shun De Cuisine,
64 & 65, 
Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603-21813909

Operating Hours: 11am-3pm / 6pm-11pm daily

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