Soup Restaurant @ Jaya Shopping Center

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It was during our Bari-Uma review that I'd notice this restaurant called "Soup Restaurant". For some reason the name was stuck to my head for several months. After all, imagine someone asking, "Where did you had your dinner?" and you reply with "Soup Restaurant loh." That kinda thing. Even my mom asked me, 'What is the soup restaurant's name?"

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber. Down to how does it taste....

*Note: Photos may vary in terms of warmness and coolness due to some editing issues.

The entrance with a "Helvetica"-font-like signboard

A secret doorway to a 10-seater table which has not completed its renovation at the moment.

Samsui Chicken with Ginger Sauce - RM33.90/RM75.90

Our first dish of the evening, or what I would call it - an appetizer. Beautifully steamed chicken which was plump, succulent and firm served with a ginger dipping sauce and lettuce. Placed them all together and wrap them with a slice of lettuce. 

The result was absolutely remarkable. Truth be told, I hate ginger. A lot. But for some reason, I find the sauce so amazing that I continuously fork-lifted it batch by batch onto my lettuce-wrapped-chicken. Not to mention the skin of the chicken had a really nice yellow glaze as well.

Penang Fried Mee Sua - RM17.90

Possibly my least favourite dish of the evening. The noodles were somewhat consistent but it tasted flat. There was nothing going on. 

Ah Kon Ginger Fried Rice - RM17.90

The ginger was pretty unnoticeable and light. Much like an application running on background which sometimes you wouldn't notice. Rice was a little on the dry side; a fluffier rice would be nice. 

Double Boiled Waison & Ginseng Roots with Chicken Soup - RM17.90
Double Boiled Dried Scallop with Black Chicken Soup - RM23.90

Both the soup were pretty rich and fragrant. Especially the ginseng. a really strong, bold and earthy flavour. Soups in general were pretty delicious, I could drink several bowls if given the chance. It wouldn't be called Soup Restaurant if the soups were bad now wouldn't it?

Traditional Boiled Soup of the day
1 pax - RM9.90
2-4 pax - RM22.90
5 pax ++RM33.90

Tofu Prawns with Mantao - RM35.90/RM9.90

Deliciously sweet and savoury prawn cravy with cubes of tofu. Pretty similar to what you'd find in Chili Crabs in Malaysia or Singapore. The fried mantao was crisp yet fluffy on the inside. Dipping the mantao into the gravy was simply heavenly. 

Hometown Fried Fish Belly (Spicy or Non-spicy) - RM23.90

Perfectly cooked fish with a really nice crispy skin topped with sauce and spring onions. Fish was flakey and full of flavour, a great dish to compliment with rice. However, I did enjoy the spicy one more due to that extra kick.

New Zealand Venison - RM27.90

Rich, bold and peppery flavoured venison meat. It was pretty tough but juicy enough. Wasn't the best venison I've had but a good one nevertheless. 

Sea Coconut with Longan - RM7.90
Double Boiled Snow Fungus with Gingko - RM8.90
Double Boiled Pear with Snow Fungus & Almonds - RM8.90
Herbal Jelly - RM7.90

The desserts were indeed pretty good. Despite the fact that the herbal jelly wasn't as bitter or powerful. My favourite pick of dessert will definitely be the Sea Coconut with Longan. Although pretty similar when compared to some other places, the 1 thing that made it stand out was the cuts of lemon. Subtle, but brilliant. 

Overall, my experience at the Soup Restaurant had been pretty good. Most of the dishes served were good, although they had some hiccup here and there. Nevertheless, it was all good. 


Level 3, 
Jaya Shopping Centre, 
Jalan Semangat, 
Seksyen 14, 
46100 Petaling Jaya.

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm daily

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