Senjyu Japanese Restaurant @ Bangsar Village II

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Been craving for some Japanese lately and decided to drop by Senjyu in Bangsar Village 2 for a treat. I heard they were famous for their sashimi and sushi so I thought I'd give it a try.

Disclaimer: I've lost my receipt so I can't remember the names and prices thus will be creating my own name for the dishes as it deems fit. I will also try to recall the average prices if not the original.

Shop front

Salmon Sushi - RM4 per piece (2 piece minimum per order)

Very thoughtful of them to place a slice of lemon and wasabi on the plate. Lovely salmon, smooth and well curved on the edge of the rice. Absolutely delicious. 

Chuka Kurage - RM8-15

Lovely seasoned octopus with sesame seeds and lemon/lettuce garnish. Simple but delicious. Tasted fresh and appetizing. 

Sushi Moriawase- RM45-60

A platter of assorted sushi which includes Unagi, Tamago, Black Fish Roe, Salmon Roll, Tuna Belly, White Fish, Scallop and Yellow Fish. Beautifully done, superb taste, rather straight-forward now isn't it?

Soft Shell Crab & Unagi Mentai Maki - RM45-60

Possibly the highlight of the evening. Rich, delicate and salty Salmon Mentai topped with well-seasoned chopped Unagi on a bed of fried Maki and Soft Shell crab with Spicy mayonnaise on a bed of fried Maki. I somehow prefer the Unagi Mentai Maki over the Soft Shell Crab Maki due to its rich and creamy taste. Not to mention its less oily compared to the Soft Shell Crab Maki.

Gyu Tataki - RM25-35

Slightly seared slices of beef. Juicy, chewy but could work with more seasoning. Perhaps a wasabi glaze or some slightly more flavourful sauce might help. 

Beef Sukiyaki - RM25-35

Last but not least, sukiyaki. Unfortunately, it does not come with rice, which was very disappointing. Besides that, everything seems to be quite similar to what you get anywhere else. Beef slices, a bowl of soup with its tiny gas stove and a nice bowl of egg. The only noticeable difference would be the slices of beef. It is slightly thicker and fattier than most places.

Soup was a little too sweet for me as I prefer a hint of saltiness behind. Also, they could've provided a little more ingredients within the soup. Everything was gone rather quickly. The was good. Pasteurized and ready to serve.  

In conclusion, I would say the sushi were very good. Everything was fresh and well made with hands. No rustic or sharp edges for the sushi unlike what you get in most franchise restaurant. Everything was at an above average level, however, that goes hand in hand with the price. Personally, I felt the price to be a little high for this quality, not that its bad, but I could find similar quality at a slightly lower cost. 


Senjyu @ Bangsar Village 2
No. 2F-26 & 27, 2nd floor, Bangsar Village 2,
No.2, Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru.

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