Premiere Hotel Mooncake & Dimsum Review @ Bukit Tinggi, Klang

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The Mid-Autumn Festival, or some may call it the Moon cake festival, falls on the 8th of September. What better way to celebrate it then buying a box of durian mooncake!? Well at least, that is for me.

The four flavours of mooncake


A Box of 4
Red Bean Paste - RM68 nett
Lotus Paste - RM78 nett
Lotus Paste Single Yolk - RM82 nett
Sugar Free White Lotus Paste Single Yolk - RM88 nett
Snow Skin Pandan Lotus Paste - RM78 nett
Snow Skin Durian - RM88 nett 

Deluxe Set 1 (2 Red Bean Paste + 2 Lotus Paste) - RM73 nett
Deluxe Set 2 (2 Lotus Paste Single Yolk + 2 Red Bean Paste) - RM75 nett
Deluxe Set 3 (2 Lotus Paste + 2 Lotus Paste Single Yolk) - RM80 nett

There is a reason why I would highlight the Snow Skin Durian moon cake, but its pretty obvious is it not? That was my favourite one. Well, everybody's favourite that day. If anything, we had to go to war for it. It was the first time I witness people fighting over mooncakes, truly - the first. 

Now you may wonder, what makes the durian mooncake stand proud among the rest? Well, first and foremost, it is maid entirely out of fresh D24 durian. The inner core, which is the durian filling, is thick, rich, aromatic and plump - maintaining the flesh of the durian. 

For a better and more in depth knowledge about the mooncake, please refer to the compilation below.

Durian mooncake fillings, made fresh daily. 

Beautiful wooden mold. Each mooncake is made one at a time, by hand. 

Each filling is made with pure D24 durian, alongside with various powders and flour to help sustain the shape after molding. The filling is wrapped with snow skin pastry and pressed upon the mold, thus creating that lovely mooncake shape and imprinting. Each mooncake is made by hand, one at a time with only 1 mold. Once the mooncake has been successfully shaped, it is then placed into a fridge to firm up. 

Once bought, patrons are suggested to place in their freezer immediately after purchase. Of course there can be an interval of an hour in between for transport purposes but the idea still remains. And when they finally plan to eat, take the durian mooncake out from the freezer and let it rest in room temperature for about 15-20 minutes. This will allow the mooncake to soften and make it easier and squishier to bite.

 However, if you do in fact prefer hard mooncake, it is alright. When eaten immediately from the freezer, it has the same consistency and texture as durian ice cream. For those who enjoy it, go ahead! =D Last but not least, the durian mooncake can only kept for a maximum of 4 days, 3 would be best. So eat it while its fresh!

Dim Sum Buffet 

Of course, mooncake itself on a Sunday afternoon will suffice. Luckily for us, the dim sum was there too! With a wide range of variety, including chicken feet, was tempting enough. 

A general picture of what we had. Of course this wasn't everything, only appetizer. 

Lovely cheese sticks with fresh prawns in them. An alternative or a substitute to the regular Chee Chiong Fun. Or as I call it, Vertical Fried Chee Chiong Fun.

Glorious Siew Long Bao. Comes with a salty soup within the dough. However, it was a little too salty for me. 

Fresh shrimp dumpling which was surprisingly good. Plump, succulent prawns with a thin layer of wrap. 

Siu Mai. Pretty decent. Nothing spectacular. 

Fried Yam Cake? This was arguably the best dim sum dish I had that afternoon. The yam skin was crispy and filled with flavour while the insides remained hot and moist. A skill well executed. 

Fried Mango Thingy. Lovely texture, unique flavours, one of the highlights of the afternoon as well. 

Custard Bun. I like the consistency and softness of the bun. However, the custard wasn't leaking like it should be. =(

Steam Pork Buns!

Alongside its brothers, all in a hot boiling wok.

Some fried carrot cake and kuey teow.

Sesame Balls

Crispy Roll

Crispy Yam

Chilled Snow skin Strawberry Dumplings

Glorious Chicen Feet. Slightly on the salty side and not spicy at all. I do wish they add a tinge of spiciness in them. Or at least thats how I like it. The chicken feet was plump and filled with fatty tissue. Skin was nice and lose and sauce was thick. 

Finally, we have roast chicken and duck as part of the dim sum feast! Yes, this is included as well. Duck was soft and moist, but was lacking in seasoning. A little sauce might help. Chicken was alright, although I felt it was a little on the dry side. Both could use some sweet sauce. It is quite unfortunate that they do not serve the duck-oil sauce though, would've helped alot. 


RM58 ++ Adults
RM48 ++ Children

Served between 11.30am to 2.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays only!

However, there is an ongoing 50% promotion now. Do drop by Premiere Hotel's Royal Gourmet to enjoy this promotion while it last! =D


Royal Gourmet Chinese Cuisine,
Premiere Hotel,
Bandar Bukit TInggi, 1/KS6,
Jalan Langat, 41200 Klang,
Selangor Dahrul Ehsan.

Tel: +6 03-3325 6868

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