Hometown Steamboat @ SS14, Subang Jaya

8:00:00 AM

I pass by this road almost everyday when going to Uni. Over the past few years, I never really bothered looking at this particular spot, until that one very day. I saw the renovation of "Hometown Steamboat", hammering away with its humongous signboard and thought to myself, who in the right mind would open a steamboat restaurant along so many car mechanic shop? Well turns out, when it opened, it was doing extremely well.

Cars were parked all the way back till the housing area, disturbing the peaceful residents of SS14. Well, I'm one of them too. Not to mention the pre-stress where one had to be thick-skinned enough to stay there and snatch a parking.

A fairly mechanic-like exterior design. Which seems to fit the theme of workshop along the shoplots. 

This was right in front of where we sat. The light was pretty glaring. 

Our serving for the night.

Over here we have the seafood set, or at least that is what I'm gonna call it. A large platter which ranges from fresh vegetables to meat/fish balls to beancurd to seafood many more. Ingredients were pretty fresh, no sign of staleness anywhere. The portion, would be sufficient for 3-4 people, 3 if there is 1 who eats a lot. 

Thin slices of lamb, too thin in my opinion. Despite that, it was pretty fresh. I also liked the fact that it has that lamb-pungent taste/smell even after cooking it in Tom Yam. 

Noodles, eggs and our choice of soup; Tom Yam and Clear.

They all fit nicely in a pot, with the seafood left for last. Both their soup was pretty good although I actually prefer the Tom Yam more. However, the Tom Yam does get saltier each time they refill the soup which I find, not very appealing. So as time progresses, I will slowly turn to the clear soup instead. 

Overall, Hometown steamboat was pretty decent. It is in no way an extravagant or a "must-eat" kinda thing, but they do serve, a decent pot of steamboat. The ingredients were fresh, although the plate was a little oily which forces me to use a tissue while throwing those ingredients in the pot. It was fresh nonetheless.

However, I do have 1 issue with them. Its nothing major but it sure bugs the hell out of me. 

This is their jug of ice lemon tea, nothing unusual right?

They did not bother taking out the sticker from the lemon. I know we wouldn't die from ingesting such a adhesive and ink but still, the basic principle of the shop has to stay. Its like cooking poaching vegetables without washing them first or even serving fruits with adhesive labels on them. Again, nothing major but I would like them to at least take the initiative to remove it in the future. 


Hometown Steamboat Restaurant,
SS14/2, Subang Jaya, 

Along the road from Summit USJ towards Sunway/Federal Highway, on the left.

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