Ichi Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

8:00:00 AM

Amazingly, I had dinner in Ichi Zen right after the Hokkaido Ramen Santouka food review. It was a day for Japanese food and Starbucks, after all, they were giving out free Starbucks for Galaxy Life users. Anyway, we decided to pop in here for dinner, even after filling ourselves with cakes. Credits to SyCookies from www.foodeverywhere.wordpress.com.

Typical stone cladding design as the facade of the entrance.

Yaki Shake To Kari-Kari No Sarada with Goma Dressing - RM18

Crispy fried salmon skin with shredded salmon on iceberg lettuce with roasted sesame dressing. Equally sinful and healthy at the same time!

Tsubagai Kimchee - RM8.50

Well, practically Tsubugai means snail. I didn't know till after I swallowed one. It wasn't as bad, tasted a lot like tako (octopus) with its sweet sauce. 

Sashimi Set - RM45

Fresh serving of thickly sliced sashimis, fresh salad, fruits, miso soup, cawanmushi and rice. 

Amiyaki Buta Bara - RM18

Sliced pork belly with special ginger-like sauce. Pork belly was grilled nicely but the ginger sauce was a little weird to me. Perhaps  because I hate ginger in general. Wished it was in Teriyaki sauce or something.

Volcano Roll - RM23

Rich, creamy and cheesy red mayonnaise sauce with mentaiko topped on 8 rolls of sushi and sprinkled with different flakes of fishes. Overall, I really did enjoyed it. It was simple but simply delicious. The flakes of salmon, tuna gave that added chew and the mentaiko was simply fabulous. It was a little spicy which was great since I love spicy food. Last but not least, it looks exactly as its supposed to be, volcano roll. Red flowing lava through the soul of those sushis.

Overall, most of the food I had here was pretty good. In fact, I actually enjoyed this more than Sushi Zanmai or any other franchised Japanese restaurant. Not to mention the Ocha was strong and bitter which was a real pleasure to drink. Last but not least, the pricing were rather reasonable as it is priced similar to the Zanmais.


Lot. 6.24.1B, Level 6,
Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL, 
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. The food presentation looks nice as well. Tsubagai Kimchee looks like Chuka Idako and may accidentally swallow few snails without informing. Thanks for sharing.