Hokkaido Ramen Santouka @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

7:13:00 PM

For years I've walked pass this restaurant in Tokyo Street. Usually on the way to Suki-ya for some shabu-shabu. On those days, I would tell myself, "One day, I'm gonna try the ramen here." And sometimes, wishes do come true, thanks to Ivy from http://www.foodmsia.com/

Santouka serves quality-fresh Hokkaido style ramen. Having most of their ingredients flown in, including their plates, cups, bowl etc. All ramen are made fresh in house and broth to be boiled one day before. 

The entrance.

Interiorly, it looks authentically Japanese. Rich timber  decor with circular paper chandelier further emphasize the Japanese-ness of the place. For some reason that sounds racist but yeah...

Shio Ramen (Char Siu/Pork Belly) - RM31

The signature Shio Ramen, other wise known as Salt Flavour. It may sound weird or overly salty but it wasn't. In fact, it was really subtle and smooth rather than salty and powerful. It doesn't have that kick that most Japanese Ramen restaurants would have. It felt and tasted light, smooth and flavourful enough.

Spicy Shio Ramen (Premium Pork Cheek) - RM37

Unlike the Shio Ramen which was served in Pork Belly, this was served in premium Pork Cheek. Thus, the increase of price. Besides that, the other different would be the chopped chili padi and chili paste used to give it that little spicy kick. Over these 2, I actually do prefer the spicy one more.

Between the Char Siu and the Pork Cheeks, both ranked pretty close. The only difference was the cheek seems leaner than the pork belly. And as always, pork belly was soft and mouth-melt-ering. 

The noodles were springy and curly. Furthermore, the noodles did not get soggy as quick even though we were busy taking photos. It had great consistency and chewiness which compliments the soup pretty well. 

Shoyu Ramen (Char Siu/Pork Belly) - RM26

Shoyu, otherwise known as Soy Sauce was a little saltier compared to Shio (Salt Flavour). Which was surprising. Served with 2 slices of seaweed, fish cake, char siu/pork belly, bamboo shoots and spring onions. 

Miso Ramen (Char Siu/Pork Belly) - RM26

Pork broth with a twist of Miso. Gave it that extra depth and flavour to the broth and noodles. The additional black fungus was nice to have. 

Kara Miso Ramen - RM28

Similar to the Miso ramen but with added chili! I personally prefer this over the rest due to its spiciness. Has a nice depth of saltiness and a spicy after taste. 

Aburi Tokusen Toroniku (Roasted Premium Pork Cheek) - RM17

4 slices of premium pork cheeks served on a concrete block. A really beautiful presentation, an illusion that makes it seem grilled. Simple but great flavours, chewy and delicious.

Tokusen Toriniku - RM15

A serving of 5 premium pork cheeks.

Pork Gyoza - RM12

Its been awhile since I last had pork dumplings! It was pretty flavourful, inside. However, the only thing lacking was the right chili sauce. If they had, it would be even better!

Tori-Karaage - RM12

Salty, flavourful, juicy and tender fried chicken that goes really well with its homemade mayonnaise with cutlets of cucumber, if not mistaken. If only there was rice. 

Black Sesame & Matcha Ice Cream

To end our lovely afternoon, we had Black Sesame and Matcha Ice Cream for dessert! 

The black sesame ice cream was pretty good. It even had little bits of white sesame within the ice cream. Flavours were rich, creamy and well...sesame-ish.

The green tea ice cream on the other hand was a little sweeter. In fact, it had more sweet than green-tea-bitterness. Not to say it did not, but it was fairly mild. Nevertheless, it was also rich and creamy. 

In conclusion, I believe Hokkaido Ramen Santouka does have some pretty interesting menus. The ramen itself was light, simple and flavourful. It wasn't over complicated with spices and what not as its just a simple way of enjoying a hearty bowl of ramen. Do remember, Santouka isn't as flavourful as its competitors but they do have their own strong points. 


Lot 6.24.03, Level 6,
Tokyo Street Pavilion,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03- 2143 8878

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