The Entertainer App Launch @ La Mexicana, Jalan Ampang

11:56:00 AM

So there is this new app called The Entertainer. It features a variety of buy-1-free-1 options for restaurants, cafes, hotels, beauty and wellness and even sports games. Well, personally, I find the restaurant, cafes and hotel's deals to be the most attractive. Some of which I've seen were Brozeit, Chatime, Bulgolgi Brothers, Brussels Beer Cafe, Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie, so on and so forth. There are over 400 types of deals available on the app!

Furthermore, you can also select the location in which you are currently at. For example, if you wish to purchase Chatime in Sunway Pyramid, simply search for Sunway Pyramid location, along the list of Chatimes.

A screenshot of some of the deals!

Look at the amount of Chatime available, everywhere!


In general, there are plenty to buy from. 

Different packages available for different country. Malaysia has one of the most options available.

Prior to ordering in a restaurant, just click on the selected restaurant and a 4 digit pin will pop up. Enter the pin that you have registered with. After that, another 4 digit pin will prompt and will require the merchant to enter their pin. Once it has been done, you'll get your buy-1-free-1 meal! Extremely helpful for someone like me who eats 2 portions. I can have all to myself =D 

The best part is, a single bill will be able to accommodate 4 vouchers, meaning 4x2 = 8 portions of main course! Splendid!

Of course, such great deals can't be all free. The yearly subscription will cost you RM235, thus will unlock everything available, all the amazing deals! However, there is a 1 month membership trial available to all readers for only RM49! RM38! Simply click on this link, select "BUY" and key in findingfats to the promo-code column to activate and receive the deal! And if you do enjoy those deals, you can upgrade to the full product for just RM186!

Last but not least, there will be a random lucky draw at the end of the month among users who bought the 30-days trial membership. The winner will walk away with a FULL YEAR subscription of The Entertainer App, ABSOLUTELY FREE! =D

Restaurant review

Awesome logo at the shop front!

Funky looking interior with a blend of every possible colour. 

Huarache De Hongos - RM25

A delicious corn base stuffed with refried Bayo beans with mushroom cooked with Serrano Chile, onion, and tomato topped with melted Cheese.

Incredibly moist, juicy and flavourful. Make your own wrap by digging all the amazing, melt-in-your-mouth cheese and juices. Every bite will include a leakage on the other hand of the tortilla wrap. This is good shit.

Tacos De "Bistec Con Chorizo" - RM22

3 Tacos filled with juicy beef steak and homemade "chorizo" served with coriander, onion, and molcajete red sauce.

The beef was well marinated and flavourful. However, it was a little dry for me. Perhaps I'm the kind of guy who prefers sloppy and wet food but nevertheless, it was pretty good. I wished the tacos were a little bit warmer though.

Queso Fundido Con Hongos

Similar to the first dish, but on a tortilla shortbread. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this. It was far too little and the bread was a little too weird for me. It was soft and inconsistent. Flavours were okay but the tortilla shortbread was a little off putting.

Nachos with Salsa and Cheese

Lovely nachos topped generously with salsa and cheese! Can't leave it for too long, the nachos will get soggy. Eat when its hot, doesn't matter if you burn your tongue.

Crepas de Cajeta

Crepes bathed in Cajeta Sauce (a deliciously sweet, smooth "burnt" milk caramel sauce), with walnut topping and flambeed with Tequila.

This was something new for me. It has interestingly bold and sweet flavours with a bitter after taste, perhaps due to the Tequila. The crepes were soft and consistent and the walnut added some crunch to it. However, I did find it too sweet but besides that, it was good. 

Overall, I had an interesting selection of food. Since this is my first Mexican restaurant, I cannot comment nor compare it with something else. Perhaps in the future, I can and will determine, whether this was authentic or not. Nevertheless, I had a great time there!


La Mexicana,
The Terrace at Hock Choon, 
 241B Lorong Nibong,
 off Jalan Ampang, 
Kuala Lumpur

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