The Balcony, Bar & Grill KL @ Off Jalan Ampang, KL

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Just last week was me and Pig's 2nd year anniversary. And for some reason, we've decided to head down to Midvalley to watch a movie followed up dinner in The Balcony KL. Located along the streets of Jalan Ampang, it wasn't as easy to find as you think. However, Google has been a good friend of ours and provided us with the quickest way there. Relatively.

It literally is the 'balcony' of a villa. Lovely place, great atmosphere, working natural ventilation and concept.

Comfortable sofa for people to hang out and relax. Look at those lovely greens!

Virgin Pina Colada - RM12

Sweet, milkish, yakult-like taste with a hint of tanginess. A great drink to start the meal.

French Onion Soup - RM15

A bowl of french onion soup with toasted bruschettas on the side. The soup was a little too thick, similar to gravy. I actually prefer my French Onion soup a little more watery. Nevertheless, it proves that they weren't cutting down on ingredients.

Flavour-wise, it can be improved. Lacks the aromatic scent and smooth after taste. Bruschettas were pretty good.

Totally English Fish & Chips - RM25

Crispy, light and chunky fish and chips. Just the way I like it to be. Although if the fish was a little flatter and had a larger surface area, I could evenly drizzle a slice of lemon on it. 

The batter was light, crispy and thin - as seen on the 2nd photo. The fish was really meaty, which was personally a good sign. However, it lacks the flakiness which I really enjoy in a standard Fish & Chips. The tartar sauce was also lacking in tanginess as it tasted more like mayonnaise. Overall, it was good, but there are room for improvements. 

Rib Eye Steak - RM36

Unfortunately, I've forgotten to request for medium and it turned out to be well done. Not exactly a bad thing considering it was still pretty tender and moist. The sauce was unnecessary since I like my steak to be seasoned with only salt and pepper. Furthermore, I did wish it was a thick slab of rib eye instead of two thin servings. Flavour-wise, it was good. The fries were crispy and moist as well. 

Lamb Topless Burger - RM27

A burger without the top of the bun, is their main concept.

First and foremost, the lamb patty. It was overly fine to me. There were no  granules or incomplete chunks of lamb, it was just smooth all the way.

The photo was a little blur due to the heavy flash on my camera and taking the photo with 1 hand. 

The flavours and combination of the burger were pretty decent. They had their lettuce, cheese, mayonnaise and a sunny side up egg, which is fine. Overall, it was a good burger, but I won't say its the best burger I've had.

Chocolate Cookie Therapy - RM23

And of course, desserts. This, personally, was a huge letdown. When it arrived, I could not believe I just paid 23 bucks for 6 Oreos with sprinkles and whipped cream.

However, it was explained to me that the whipped cream they use was made in-house and it wasn't any ordinary whipped cream. I can't remember what the term was but apparently it allows customers who orders alcoholic beverages to have some bites without throwing up or having indigestion. 

Overall, the food was good in general. There were minor hiccups here and there but it was good nevertheless. The price to food ratio was acceptable compared to hundreds of restaurant in KL. After all, they are selling a lifestyle, not just purely on the food. However, improvements are always welcomed! =D


The Balcony KL,
The Terrace at Hock Choon,
241-B Lorong Nibong,
Off Jalan Ampang,
50450, Kuala Lumpur.

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