Blu Med @ The Gardens, Midvalley

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Hello again! After so much anticipation, I've finally tried Blu Med thanks to an invitation from Ivy @ FOOD! Locating just right in front of Starbucks at Midvalley, Blu Med certainly stands out with its contemporary timber and ceiling-height glass panels design. Not forgetting chandeliers that are made of glass bottles arranged accordingly, warm cove lights and a rack of wine bottles and artificial candle prop. They have set the standards high for neighboring restaurants.

The Entrance!

Chandelier and the double storey rack!

Lovely interior. 

Strawberry Caipiroska - RM26

Made from Absolut Kurant, lime chunks, golden brown sugar, soda water, strawberry puree & lime juice. Surprising amount of ingredients for something that looks so simple. But its all good, I did enjoyed the sweet and sour upfront and the slight bitter-alcohol aftertaste.

Caipirinha - RM26

Another drink with a very difficult name to pronounce. Made with Cachaca Rum, lime chunks, golden brown sugar, ginger ale & lime juice. Similar to the first cocktail but more powerful. The ginger gave me a punch up my throat. Really refreshing and addictive. Despite the fact that I hate ginger.

Chef's Salad - RM24.90

An appetizer that really caught my attention. Besides the usual ingredients such as lettuce, eggs, chicken or cheese, they added a little curry powder. Not much, just a tea-spoon full perhaps. The results? A regular salad with some life in it. It wasn't as boring as some overpriced-regular restaurant salad nor as crazy as a diarrhea salad, it was just right. That added curry gave that tinge of excitement.

Watermelon with Feta Cheese and Black Olives - RM5

This was seriously something new, and interesting. Cubes of red and fresh watermelon sprinkled with Feta Cheese and Black Olives. The result was a rather confusing tastebud. You get the watery-sweetness of the watermelon initially and then comes the slightly strong and pungent taste of the feta cheese and black olives. Overall, it was pretty unique and weird but worth the challenge.

Eggplant Gratin - RM10

Eggplants are great; I believe I've said that quite a few times in my previous post. Anyway, sliced eggplants served with spicy tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on top. Great bite and flavour but a little too salty for me. 

Teriyaki Chicken & Salad Pizza - RM36.90

The smell and fragrance of the pizza was amazing as it arrived. However, there was also a strong sense of Japanese-styled mayonnaise, as seen on top of the pizza. Overall, the crust was pretty thin and consistent, the chicken strips were moist and the salad made me felt healthy about myself.

 The only issue that I personally had was the excessive use of mayonnaise, a little too rich on that. Oh, not forgetting that the mayonnaise was made in house.

Linguine Tomato Cream 'Bisque' Sauce - RM34.90

First and foremost, I would like to point out that the prawns (head and shell) were sauteed for an hour and stewed 2 hours to produce the sauce. The results were astonishing; rich, smooth and consistent flavour throughout the entire portion. Couldn't stop having more! 

However, as good as the pasta may get, the soft shell crab served wasn't on par. It was overly salty and chewy and I personally do not like it. Some may find the difference unique or acceptable though. But besides that, the Cream 'Bisque' Sauce was really good!

Executive Combo - RM59.90

A giant platter consisting of beef satay, chicken fingers, batter-fried fish and potato mash. It also includes 3 types of sauces for the beef satay; BBQ, Tartar sauce and Peanut sauce. They were all made in house. 

I personally prefer the chicken fingers the most due to its consistency, (rather) tenderness and crispiness. It was a little dry here and there but I was okay with it. I also quite fancy the potato mash but I would prefer it if they cut some slack on the mayonnaise. The entire potato mash was filled with it!

Chocolate Banana Honey Toast with Ice-Cream - RM18.90

Finally, the dessert has arrived. Honey toast topped with banana and ice cream. Overall, I find the consistency a little lacking. There were lumps here and there, not much, but it could be better. Besides that, it was a pretty decent Honey Toast with Ice-Cream.

 Kazutoshi Nakasone & Tatsuya Ikeuchi (Head Chef)

Firing session at the Head Chef from Ruth @

In conclusion, I did find most of the food pretty appealing. It has its distinct flavour, style and presentation. Furthermore, its cozy, warm and soothing interior extrudes a really comforting place for one to sit and chat around with friends, family or even spouses. 

Last but not least, I would also like to mention that the restaurant do accept private functions, whether is it birthday, corporate dinner, meetings etc. A total of 2 stories could accommodate an average of 240 people, 160 below and 60 above. Facilities such as a projector, speaker, sound system, lighting are also provided. Not forgetting, they also do have 2 private function rooms on the first floor for a smaller gathering group. 

Before I end my review here, there is also a promotion going on. Details below.

Just print it out and enjoy 50% off your Squid Ink Spaghetti! =D


27-G Ground Floor,
The Boulevard, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2201 5081

Operating Hours: 7.30am to 12am daily. 

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