Sri Ayutthaya Thai Food Restaurant @ USJ 11, Subang Jaya

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It has been quite some time since I had some good and flavourful Thai food. I also know that this restaurant has been around for a very long time and I've just stumbled upon it recently. Sad, but true. Regardless, even though I believe this restaurant has been reviewed many times, I would still like to put it in my perspective here. Here goes.

The entrance.

Tom Yum Chicken - RM11.90

The life and soul of a Thai restaurant rest upon its amazing serving of Tom Yum. If a Thai restaurant screws up this particular dish, they might as well change it into a Mamak stall. Spicy, sour, flavourful and most importantly, well balanced. This amazing bowl of Tom Yum made me crave for more and more rice.

Pineapple Fried Rice - RM19.90

Another dish which I find extremely important in a Thai restaurant. Every well established Thai restaurant knows that Pineapple fried rice has to be served in a Pineapple. I mean its okay if you don't but the ones that doesn't, usually isn't that delicious. Perhaps its just me but I believe the Pineapple helps in both aesthetics and flavour. 

Just like what I've mention, fluffy, well-cooked and mildly seasoned pineapple rice is what describes it. The It wasn't soggy nor was it bland like many others I've tried. So, good job.

Deep Fried Beancurd Thai Style - RM18.90

Now, I'm not really a fan of deep fried beancurd but occasionally I do tend to order some. In this case, we did. Crispy, golden skin with moist and consistency inside. Savory Thai chili sauce with additional sesame seeds and carrot strips. They were not exactly fantastic, but they do give a nice snack-bite.

Kailan Thai Salted Fish - RM23.90

I really did not feel the "Thai-ness" in this one when it was served or even after I've tried it. However, I do infact enjoy the mixed vegetables and saltiness of the dish although the Kailan do resemble a Brussel sprout. Not my favourite pick but definitely worth trying if you fancy salty dishes.

Kangkung Belacan (Medium) - RM21.90

Prior to the national celebration of our Prime Minister Najib's speech about the price drop of Kangkung  while the whole nation laughs at him. Regardless, I do not think he sees his point. This plate of Kangkung costs RM21.90, how in heavens is that cheap? 

Nevertheless, I have to say that they did cook it quite well. Spicy, flavourful, well distributed and goes perfect with rice. 

Thai Garlic Prawns - RM85

With such a hefty price tag, I'd expect a lot. However, the first thing that disappointed me was the freshness of the prawns. Secondly, the sauce wasn't all that great as it only coats the shell but was not infused into the prawns. I would say, do not order this.

Thai Green Curry Chicken (Medium) - RM24.90

Yes, besides the all-spicy tom yum chicken which I enjoy, I do sometimes fancy a bowl of rich and aromatic green curry chicken. This was no exception. The curry was actually pretty fragrant and creamy. It wasn't spicy though as I wish it was at least a little. Nevertheless, I did savor it. 

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Butter - RM75

This on the other hand, was worth the price compared to the ridiculous RM85 prawns. Crispy yet soft and juicy soft shell crab drench in fried butter shreds. Not much to express, just, well done.

Mango Glutinous Rice (Mango Pulut) - RM9.90

Last but not least, Mango glutinous rice or rather known as Mango Pulut. Surprisingly cheap for the portion and quality. Rich, milky and creamy glutinous rice with cuts of fresh mango. I can't remember what the green thing was but I assume it is the same ingredient used in Cendols. I do not really fancy Mango pulut but this was okay. Not that bad.

In short, I really enjoyed the meal served here. Although the prawns were a little let down but at least they got the Tom Yum, Pineapple Fried Rice, Green Curry Chicken and Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Butter right. The price, I personally think, was pretty affordable as well. 


No.22, Jalan Usj 11/3J, 
UEP Subang Jaya, 
Subang Jaya 47620,

03-5631 0928

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