G-yi Tang Steamboat & Dim Sum Restaurant Revisit @ Subang USJ 10, Taipan (Non-Halal)

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Here are we are again, after months of craving for some dim sum, we're back at G-yi Tang Steamboat & Dim Sum Restaurant! Only this time, we're here to only try the dim sum and not the steamboat.

Here's the entrance, I know its the photo used in my previous post but it is an entrance.

The restaurant was pretty back that morning. 

Steamed Spareribs with Yam - RM4.50

A pretty interesting plate. The ribs was pretty tender, juicy and surprisingly salty. I quite liked it.

Shrimp Dumpling with Scallop - RM4.80

Fresh, plump shrimps and has a great bite to it. However, it does require additional dipping of sweet and spicy sauce.

Chives Dumpling with X.O Sauce - RM6

Interesting texture with multiple depth of taste. However, I do not fancy as much. 

Pork Ribs 

Now this was pretty good. Sweet, salty and absolutely flavourful. The meat was pretty tender but there were a few that wouldn't come off the bones as easy though.

Shrimp Dumpling with Angelica Soup - RM6

I did not get to try this one but I heard the soup was pretty good.

Stuffed Shrimp

I do not know exactly what is this called but it sure looks like it. Its shrimp on top with an addition of shrimp paste connecting it below. Overall, it does give quite a bite and the flavour was pretty acceptable.

Shanghai Juicy Dumplings (Siew Loong Bao) - RM6

There are 2 parts to having a good Siew Loong Bao; first, the skin and second, the soup. The meat inside is subjective though. However, I find the skin to be a little hard and inconsistent. Not to mention it breaks easily but, the soup was really good. I could taste the strong essence of pork in there. 

BBQ Pork Pastry - RM4.80

Crispy but inconsistent pastry dough. However, good filling. 

Egg Tarts - RM4.80

Again, I was unable to try this one but many of them agreed that it was pretty good.

Baked BBQ Pork Buns - RM4.80

Bland crust but pretty good fillings. Lots of flavour.

Baked Pineapple Buns - RM4.80

I actually quite like this one despite the looks of it. The pineapple thing on top was pretty good with a very interesting sand-like texture. Another fun thing was I could fit the whole thing in my mouth so I would say it is bite size! The only issue I had was the cream filling, which was less noticeable and not as flavourful. Wish they would pump up more on that.

Siu Mai with Ebiko - RM4.50

I do in fact enjoy Siu Mai and the fact that it has Ebiko on top, makes it even better. Tasted like any regular Siu Mai but with the saltiness and sand-like feeling of the Ebiko!

Creamy Custard Bun - RM4

A picture worth a 1000 words. Well, no need to say much with all the creamy goodness oozing out of the bun. The bun was soft and fluffy whilst the custard filling was consistent and rich. 

Deep Fried Sesame Ball - RM4.50

Now this was my favourite. Instead of the classic "Lin Yong" styled ball, they've changed it into a sesame filled heaven. 1 bite, and all that rich, creamy, delicious sesame puree starts bursting through your tonsils. 

Cheesey Mussels

Now again, I'm not sure what is this called as it was not in the menu but it sure looked like one. Did not get a try of this because the table was pretty messy and I was confused on which I've tried and not tried.

Custard Filled Sesame Oval-balls

Similar texture to the Deep Fried Sesame Balls but different fillings (duh). Again, the custard fillings lack flavour and depth compared to the sesame. 

Prawns in Curry-like sauce and Yam

Same situation, not in menu, do not know what is it called but I can tell you 1 thing. I really enjoyed this one. Very interesting texture and flavour. It was crispy, warm, aromatic, chewy and suddenly, POOF, a hint of curry! Loved it. 

Shrimp "Roll"

I do not know what to say but yeah, it is literally "Shrimp Roll". Could've improved on the filling rather than just the skin wrapped around a shrimp. Perhaps butter or garlic sauce with some chopped yam may help. 

Egg Rice Rolls (Chee Cheong Fun) 

Consistent texture, rather soft, lack of flavour but, there were eggs!

Chicken Feet - RM4.50

Last but not least, chicken feet. I always have to order one of these in order to feel like my Dim Sum craving has been fulfilled. It has good flavour but I believe the choice of the chicken feet wasn't as good. I find it filled with fatty tissue beneath the skin which I do not really enjoy. I prefer just the skin as you could suck up strip by strip easily. But that is my preference. Some enjoyed it. 

Our table at 1 point but it didn't stop going!

In conclusion, I enjoyed most of the dim sums served here at G-yi Tang. On the price to quality ratio I believe, was quite affordable. I don't think you can get any dim sum with the price less than RM4 nowadays yet maintain the variety and quality as such. Speed of service was pretty quick as they refiled our Chinese tea without much delay. Overall, pretty good. 


No.48, Ground Floor, 
Jalan USJ 10/1B, UEP, 
47620, Subang Jaya,

Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday - 7.30am to 11pm

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