Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice @ Avenue K

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Sometimes, we crave for things we do not understand. This time, it was Claypot Chicken Rice. Here, I will be reviewing a Claypot Chicken Rice shop that has been in business for over 20 years originated in Jalan Pudu. They've taken the liberty to expand their horizons and Avenue K was their decision. It is located at the highest floor at Taste Enclave, similar to Food Republic. 

The shop front

The method of preparation here was pretty unique. Instead of the standard base charcoal cooking, they had a twin-charcoal method which allows the Claypot Chicken Rice to cook much faster and more evenly.

This is what it looks like. Small shards and pieces of charcoal being placed on top of the Claypot to accelerate cooking process.

As you can see, the intense heat produced by the charcoal from top to bottom gave the employee that nasty look. Rather interesting experience. 

"Char Choi" Soup

I have to say, this soup was really good. It has great depth and flavour compared to many of the soups available in the market. Not to mention its ingredients used. I wouldn't hesitate to order another bowl of this!

Fried Beancurd with Homemade Chili and Mayonnaise

Crispy, soft and really aromatic. Perfect for a light snack and goes amazingly well with the homemade chili and mayonnaise. Compared to conventional mayonnaise, this particularly had a stronger egg taste. 

Fried Chicken Wings

Now, before I mention anything, I have to say I'm a big fan of chicken wings, regardless what type except for steamed. 

However, I found these to be a little too oily, even for me. I could accept it but I would not say I prefer it. No doubt, the flavour and juiciness of chicken was spot on, but those 2 wasn't enough to compensate the oiliness. Not to mention it was pretty sad since its pretty crispy as well.

Sliced Beancurd with Chili Sauce, Crushed Peanuts and Sesame Seeds

I quite liked this. Interesting crunch with multiple layer of texture. Chili sauce was great too as it was the same chili sauce used for the Fried Beancurd. Overall, another fun snack!

Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted Fish

Here is the highlight of that afternoon, the Claypot Chicken Rice. To begin, the chicken was no doubt tender and flavourful. The additional salted fish also helps built some body into the rice. However, the rice itself was lacking in flavour and the heat-essence of the pot. They were cooked well, just a little too moist for a Claypot Chicken Rice but nevertheless, still cooked pretty well.

After speaking to the owner, he insisted that he made us another serving to see if anything has changed. In fact, it did. With a little more seasoning, sauce and longer cooking period, the previous 3 issues has pretty much been fixed. In the end, we had a nice, warm, flavourful pot of Claypot Chicken Rice.

"Lap Mei" Rice

Similar to the Claypot Chicken Rice, but different in terms of the ingredients. I somehow felt that this particular bowl of claypot had more flavours than the first serving of our Claypot Chicken Rice. I liked how the "Lap Chiong" and "Lap Mei" interact to create a new sense of depth; not a strong one, but there certainly was. 

Also, not forgetting this baby. Pickle garlic. Goes amazingly well with both the Claypot Chicken Rice and the Lap Mei Fan. Uplifts flavour and provided a hint of acidity within. 

Overall, I think the food was pretty good. I especially loved the soup and I definitely will be going back for more. 


Level 3, Taste Enclave,
Avenue K Shopping Mall,
156, Jalan Ampang,
50450, Kuala Lumpur

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