Pak John Steamboat Buffet & Yong Tau Foo (Halal) @ eCurve, Mutiara Damansara

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Just last week, I was able to try one of the latest steamboat buffet in town. All thanks to Sharon from and of course, Livingsocial @ Anyway, the place is located one floor below the main entrance of eCurve, or previously known as Cineleisure to most people. Took me 10 minutes looking for it in the entire building. Now, the review.

The entrance; big, red and very welcoming.

The entire place, it was pretty huge!

The steamboat section, over 100 different variety and ingredients!

Prawns, wantans and marinated meat!

They even serve burgers! Both chicken and beef!

Nuggets, fries, rice and many more! The reason for this is because some customer may enter the restaurant with an empty stomach. Instead of waiting for the steamboat to be cooked, they can at least munch on something light here and there before enjoying a glorious pot of steamboat.

Noodles and Waffles!

Marshmallow and Chocolate Fondue!

This was our designated pot. Chicken and Tomyam Soup with BBQ on top. 

The reason why I spammed this section with similar photo is because I personally think that this was the best thing available in Pak John Steamboat Buffet. Unlimited refil of Smoked Duck right at your fingertips. I can say, I've had more than 20 plates of Smoked Duck with each plate having 5 slices minimum. I can go on and on about how good these ducks were but you get my point.

Plates of mushroom, pumpkin, lettuce, funghi, beancurd, fishball any many more!

For a limited time only, additional Chinese New Year side dishes will be available to the public which includes Sea-cucumber, Fish Maw, Fortune Purse, New Year's Cake and Lotus Rice.


Last but not least, there is also Prosperity Yee Sang available at the price of RM68 from the 10th of January to the 14th of February.

I guess its time for a conclusion!

I personally believe, that Pak John Steamboat buffet has catered to most of my needs in a steamboat session. First and foremost, they have a really spacious and comfortable place. Furthermore, good soup such as Tomyam, chicken and miso. I've not tried the miso yet but the Tomyam was pretty good. 

The one that I was really impressed with was the varieties of available ingredients and food. Over 100 ingredients, unlimited refil of New Zealand lamb slices, Australian beef slices, smoked duck, and abalone. Furthermore, the amount of fresh seafood ranging from bamboo clams, prawns, squid and fish fillet are also available. 

Now, it gets even better. There are also burgers, dim sums, waffles, chocolate fondue available on the weekends but of course, the price would be different. A large selection of ice cream similar to Potong or dispensable chocolate and vanilla ice cream are available as well. With this kinda variety, the only thing lacking from what I would call a complete Steamboat Buffet would be the Grilled Chicken Wings! I mean, they do have marinated chicken wings but we have to BBQ it ourself, it would be great if they could improvise it somewhere. 

Furthermore, I would like to add the freshness in the ingredients were all there. Although one or two may have to change. The fruits weren't very good as I find it a little stale once its placed there without proper cooling. Apparently, some of the ingredients are not available in the market as the owner sourced it out personally. 

Last but not least, the sauces! I know I've forgotten to take photos of the sauces available but I'm here to tell you there are 4 kinds of sauce. Each made in-house specially by the owner. I think I can conclude that Pak John Steamboat Buffet & Yong Tau Foo will be my choice for steamboat now. 


Livingsocial is currently having a promotion at only RM22 for weekdays and RM28 for weekends. You can check it out here, hurry and get 1 today! 

Things only available on FRIDAY-SUNDAY:
Smoked Duck
Chocolate Fondue


Lot LG-13A & LG-15,
Lower Ground Floor, eCurve,
No. 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday - 6pm to 10pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday - 10am to 10pm

For reservation:

03-7733 3913
018- 386 3139
018- 389 3139


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  1. I would have to agree on your summary that, this place would probably cater to most of 'everyones' needs in terms of looking for a steamboat place. And of course - I'm sure you enjoyed the smoked duck a lot! Next time sneak in a Tupperware lol.

    1. It seems like you disagree on everything else but the 'amount of ingredients' lol. Thats a fantastic idea. I should bring my tupperware.

  2. I would too, but for this one, at least there is smoked duck! haha

  3. wow.. not bad wo... and cheap oso.
    next time steamboat gathering can consider it!

    1. Yes, it is indeed not bad. Give it a try, its also cheap! =D

  4. Best steamboat in town!

  5. Hi dear..
    If the beef and chicken there halal?
    I really want to try but as a muslim I really need to know about it.


    1. Yeap, it is halal. There are plenty of Muslims dining when we were there =D

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