Upstairs Cafe @ Subang SS12 (Revisited)

8:00:00 AM

It was Pig's birthday and my choice for a single serving of good cakes was Upstairs Cafe. I've been there before and I would say the Red Velvet Cake was the only one that was to my liking. So, without much thought whilst on the way home from dinner, I've decided to stop by at Upstairs Cafe for one last birthday cake.

The 3 combination that night!

Red velvet Cake - RM8

This is possibly the only Red Velvet cake that I really enjoy, so far. The cake was fluffy, light and moist. It wasn't dense nor dry. The cream had a subtle sourness to it whilst giving a rich and flavourful punch to the cake. Furthermore, the price is either similar or cheaper than any other Red Velvet I've tried so far. 

Mint Chocolate Brownie - RM3.50

A small rectangular serving of chocolate brownie (approximate 10x6x4cm) with a layer of mint on top. Brownie was moist and rich with wonderful texture. The additional mint on top gave it a more refreshing feel at first bite. However, I have to say that the first time I had the Mint Chocolate Brownie was actually mintier than this one. 

Green Tea Frappuccino with Whipped Cream - RM9

Similar to Starbuck's Green Tea Frappe but with almost half the price. Everything was pretty similar and the only difference was the sweetness and milk. I personally find that the Green Tea Frappe served in Upstairs Cafe was actually sweeter than the one at Starbucks and the taste of milk was actually stronger as well. But then again, the price was cheaper so I do not have much to complain.


1st Floor, 12A, 
Jalan SS12/18,
Subang Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 3:00pm-11:00pm, Mon-Sat
Closed: Sun

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