Nuffnang's #GSCHorrorFest Event 2013 @ GSC, 1 Utama

9:03:00 PM

It came as a surprise to me that I've won a pair of ticket from Nuffnang to attend the GSCHorrorFest movie marathon held in 1 Utama. There were 3 movies screening that night which includes Rigor Mortis (1st), The Second Sight (2nd) and finally, Insidious 2 (Last). The time duration was estimated to start at 7.30pm all the way till 2am! Prior to entering the cinema halls, there were light refreshments provided, people dressed in Halloween costumes and MCs. Of course, not forgetting GSC staffs, they were working all evening to replenish the light refreshments over and over again.

As we entered public gathering area, there is where all light refreshments are placed.

Look at the crowd! We can see people in different Halloween costumes and also...the devil's horn.

Look at the muffins! Buttered Muffins.

Other finger food including fishballs, carrot dips and crackers.

I think they were aiming at creating eyeball-fishball but this looks more like Siew Pao.

Pig in her Devil's Horn.

Sadly this wasn't edible. Skull made with ham, fishball and olives.

The twins from Rigor Mortis! 

Another one from Rigor Mortis. Awesome make-up I have to say. He did scare a few girls on the day of event.

This is were I stand for drinks.

Thank you GSC's employees for all the hardwork.

If I'm not mistaken, this was a costume contest. Many interesting people with different costumes.

Apparently he is an Angel who turn into a zombie.

My God, look at that girl with white paint on her face.

Interviewing the Red Riding Hood.

Ghost school-girls? 

After all the commemoration outside, we were finally allowed to enter the hall. My seat was just awesome, right a the center of the hall, about 40% away from the screen. 

Last but not least, goodie bags from GSC! Yes, I've eaten one of the Sticky candy packs so I'm left with only 1 now. Also, I would like to thank both Nuffnang and GSC for organizing GSCHorrorFest 2013!

One last thing, do not forget to check out GSC's promotional movies.

1.The first 50 customers daily will receive a free Surprise Box with every 2 tickets purchased
2.This promotion is only valid for any of these 3 movies: Rigor Mortis, Carrie and The Second Sight
3.The promo period is from 26th of October 2013 to 10th of November 2013

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