Big Chomp Burger @ SS15

10:11:00 PM

Yes, it is burgers again. I'm updating this post first because its still really new and I've just tried this burger yesterday. It was a decided at night that we should try out the new burger located in SS15, infront of Asia Cafe. At around 8pm, we flew to SS15 from Shah Alam. We waited for about 30 minutes for our burger. Rather disappointing for its first day.

The entrance. Nothing fancy, plenty of flowers.

As you can see, even at launching night, there weren't much people.

More flowers.

Wall decor.



Spice It Up - RM17 ala carte

The burger arrived pretty small and in need of serious aesthetic make over. It looked horrible. To my surprise, the burger was actually pretty good. The patty was juicy and tender, yet still remained some 'beef juice' unlike many other burger joints, which I personally prefer. Many burger joints tends to season it with salt and pepper, making the 'beef smell' fade away. 

The added egg was nothing special, but I personally favour eggs, so yeah. Bacon was also used, which I find it awesome. The burger however, does not come with lettuce or tomato but instead, coleslaw. Unlike other coleslaw, this was made in-house with their own sauce which I find pretty neat. The sweet and spicy coleslaw was able to balance the heavy flavours of the patty and egg. 

The fries however, was served cold. That was a major down-side. Overall, the burger was pretty good, recommended, 7.6/10.

EDDGRA - RM15 ala carte

This was Pig's order. It looked pretty similar to Spice It Up, infact, it is similar to all the burgers there. The burger tasted pretty much the same as well, just not as spicy and the sauce used was slightly tangy-er.

Similar to mine, fries was served cold. Overall, Not a bad burger, but wasn't a fantastic one. 6.5/10.

A few info that I managed to dig up from the owner. The beef patties are 120grams, buns were produced by a baker friend using Big Chomp's recipe and coleslaw's sauce was made in house.

I wanted to send my gratitude and best wishes to the owner, but we waited for more than 40 minutes and he was still rather busy. We couldn't wait anymore so we just decided to leave. I am truthfully sorry, but making us wait for more than 40 minutes without any notice was rather...unsatisfying. But nevertheless, good burgers, but there are room for further improvements. 

Big Chomp Burger,
SS15/8A, Subang Jaya,
In front of Asia Cafe, next to Burger Kaw Kaw

Operation hours: 11am-3pm , 5pm-11pm.

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