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Hello agian, it has been awhile since I've last updated about any food or restaurant. The fact is that I do indeed have 6-7 restaurants which I have not write about. In this post, I'll be reviewing Brisik, located in Jaya One, serving authentic Indonesian food. I would also like to thank Foodirector for giving me the opportunity to try a new restaurant. So here goes...

Satagor - RM9 (3pieces)

We started off with the Satagor Appetizer. It is a mix of beancurd, vegetables, minced chicken and potato cutlets. It is then deep fried in very light batter and served with crispy fried mushrooms. The taste however was rather bland, it was flavourful in some ways though. It is also quite greasy. The overall taste was okay, but it wasn't my favourite dish.

Satay Serai - RM12 (6pieces)

The satay is made of mixed meat and served on leek. It is then held together by a cucumber. The meat was tender, juicy and flavourful; the sauce was also not bad. 

Keropok Melinja - RM5 per plate

This plate of Keropok or 'potato chips' is rather unique. It doesn't taste like regular keropok, but rather, tasted like peanuts. It has a strong bitter and smokey flavour and is neither sweet nor salty. Good to try.

Tahu Telur - RM - forgotten

Tahu Telur is our national language of saying Egg Tofu. The tofu is fried with eggs, served with carrots, cucumber and sauce. The tofu was really soft and the egg was noticeable. One of my favourite! Recommended!

Ayam Penyet - RM18 per plate

This was my personal highlight of the evening. The ayam penyet. The sauce was spicy and sweet. The combination of the flavours were really well balanced and you could taste the sauce being marinated with the chicken for a long time. The chicken was also cooked to perfection, it was tender and juicy as well. One of the main ingredients used to increase its sweetness here was actually tomatoes! Highly recommended!

Pucut Pukor (Fern leaf) - RM12 per plate

This plate was quite special as well. The dish was slighly spicy and sour. Loads of sesame seeds and quite fresh!

Dulai Kambing Cincang (Mutton Curry) - RM25 per plate

Another one of my favourite. The curry was really mild but flavourful. The mutton was cooked tenderly and the taste of individual component could be synchronised. The secret ingredient to their curry was surprisingly....Dutch Lady Low Fat milk... Highly recommended!

Dancing Fish - RM37 per plate

Interesting name. It was named Dancing Fish because of the way it is presented. The fish bends and looks upwards to show a series of movement, either jumping out of the water or 'dancing'. The sauces served with the fish was good. However, the fish wasn't really my thing. I personally can't take fish which are too 'fishy'. The smell and taste of the fish was too overpowering for me to handle. 

Sago Gula Melaka - RM4 per serving

Fresh sago made everyday with gula melaka (Malaccan Sugar). Nothing too bad, nothing too special, but the taste was quite well balanced.

Servings of Mango, Papaya and Watermelon juice. Price unknown.

Avocado with chocolate.


Kat Chai Suin Mui

These were the drinks served to us on that day. I couldn't try all, but according to them, it was good! So do head on down to Brisik @ Jaya One for an authentic Indonesian cuisine today! Prices are slightly on the high side but the food quality is good.


10-1, Palm Square Jaya One,
No.72-A, Jalan Universiti,
Petaling Jaya.

Opens 11am - 10.30pm daily

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