Our 1 Year Anniversary!

12:45:00 PM

It has been some time since I've last updated. Had been really busy the past week, assignments and stuff. Just submitted 2 of my assignment two days ago and yesterday. Today is 1st of May, which marks my first year anniversary (not monthsary) with Pig. We've known each other for about 2 years now but only started dating 1 year after that.

Before we started dating, there was a lot going on. Friendships, sacrifice, timing, fate etc. Somehow, it came together really nicely. Although there were difficult times, we somehow managed to survived and move forward, till the day we started dating. On this day last year, I was crying when I was talking on the phone with her.

It was a long story and in short, I was planning to avoid her. The reason being was because her ex-bestfriend was really being a douche. Her ex-bestfriend was talking bad about her to everyone, including me and tried to take all her friends away. One of which is her close friend in class. I did not want her to lose her close friend so I thought the best way to solve everything was for me to be her ex-bestfriend's close friend so that her close friend would go back to her. Another reason was also because I did not wish to trouble her as the day before today last year, was the day we watch Avengers together till like pass midnight, which in this case she fetched me and got herself locked outside her house and got scolded by her parents, and was my fault cause I wanted to watch on the first day and the only available time was that late.

Well, I was wrong. On this day, I messaged her with "Cubie" (we've changed plenty of chatting apps before coming to this one) and said some stuff which somehow did indicate that something was wrong and I will fix it. She called me back and soon after, she said that she would come over. (we kinda stay about 5-10 minutes away from each other). Once she arrive, we talked for awhile and not long later, she cried. I hugged her to comfort her at first, but somewhat continue hugging her. I then notice that it could be my last hug with her so I guess I held on? Another part of me would be I figured out that I liked her since a month ago.

She then asked me, "What am I to you?". I thought she was asking some kind of weird question so I answered "I dunno". I really didn't know what she meant, and yes, I am that clueless. After asking so many times, she changed to "Am I your best friend?" and I said "No...". Finally, she asked the question directly "Do you like me?" and I replied, "Maybe.." The only reason I didn't say YES was because I do not know how she felt against me and I didn't want to make it awkward...? Anyhow, my head was really in a mess during that time and the situation got abit awkward.... I do not remember what I've said after that but I only remember one last sentence to end the whole story, "So from now on, you'll be my girlfriend". She nodded and we were together ever since! I know, weird love story.

I'm typing this now in my room and she is still sleeping on our bed like a pig! oinksss oinksss.

Before we got together, or perhaps what made me really like her was the time we spent together watching movies, driving each other to class, sending random text messages, late midnight calls and also I believe her ex-bestfriend. Her ex-bestfriend did not talk to her and I was the only one that comfort her? I do not know if I did comfort her but I guess whatever makes her happy will do.

 I did not realise that I like her till 11 months later, when I was working for Sony and did not have time to see her. That is when I knew I really did miss her, and not just in a friendly way. She was and still is really different from a lot of people. I do not know what or how she is special, but I only know she is the one that could make me really happy. I am grateful to have met her and I intend to keep this relationship as long as possible, or forever if fate were to allow us!

I know this post was not about food or travel or anything like that, but I believe this post was really necessary as a dedication to Pig and also she was the one who got me to write again.

All these photos were taken from her iPhone. The photos on my DSLR were rather hard to retrieve since it is in my external hardrive. Anyhow, Happy Anniversary Pig! I will always love and manja you, not to mention cuddle with you everynight whenever possible!

Sorry for the long post, here is a potato.

Happy Labour Day as well in Malaysia!

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