Nuffnang Credit Card Design Entry Post

11:13:00 AM

So recently Nuffnang had this credit card design competition thing and the prizes were rather eye catching. Winner for first place is a Macbook Pro, followed by an iPad Mini for 2nd and 3rd place. Seeing as there was a Macbook to be won, I had to try. After 1-2 years of officially not touching Photoshop, by that I mean non-design related, I came back.

Here are 3 entries of mine. I will explain each design concepts for individual cards. The size may be smaller than usual after uploading it on Blogger, but its actually quite big.

The Onyx Card

The Onyx Card. The card is simple and clean. The background is a carbon fibre texture. It gives a sorta sophiscated aura. Teenagers nowadays prefer to hold a Platinum card or a Infinite card. The 2 basis of both cards is that the design were minimal and simple. Moreover, cards now are also black in theme, which kinda revolutionize the trend now. Teenagers now prefer elegance and superiority, which is what the color black represents.

The chip can not be seen on the front of the card because I want to place it behind. The idea of the chip being placed behind a card was also used by a few other popular card companies. 

The name "Onyx" represents a type of precious rock. Onyx is a black form of Chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline Quartz. That is why the card is black in color. Furthermore, the border of the card is a thin line of grey. That will not make the card too bland, nor too striking; more of a smooth ending.

Youth LIVE Card

The idea behind this card is also rather similar compared to the first one. The idea of the rainbow energy flow represents the inner vitality, the quest for freedom, the passion for music, the colors of life and the variety of shopping available. Note that on the left side of the card also has a "Wave" like icon, which is similar to the Visa Wave. This card will be able to use the "touch & go" idea, which is available in quite a number of places. 

This card differs from the Onyx Card as it is more focused on a fun and joyful lifestyle. Unlike the Onyx Card, which was meant to be sophiscated and elegant, the Youth LIVE Card wants to be seen as a fun and free - out of the box idea. The translucent-like word gives a little hint of the identity, yet keeping it minimal.

Youth Electronic Card

Finally, the graphical icon card. As anyone can see, the design of the card is flooded with gadgets and electronics. This represents that youngsters or teenagers now cannot live without their phones, mp3 or laptop. It gives the idea of electronic luxury and the urge to buy more. 

This simple design is fun, cute and meaningful. The black & white color scheme of this card also reminds me of a cow, and cows are really cute when they Moo. *God bless all cows* The chip, like the other 2 cards above, is also located at the back of this card. 

It was quite tough for me to get back on my feet for Photoshop. There was a few times where I ran out of ideas or even get stuck at one. This was quite a challenge for me and without my Pig, I would have never finish it in time. The time now is 11.11AM, 17 March, Sunday. Right before the deadline! I guess I better submit now before its too late!


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