Da Long Yi Hotpot 大龙燚火锅 @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara, PJ

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Marbled Beef Slice - RM46/180g or RM29/90g

Da Long Yi Hotpot 大龙燚火锅 has some of the most amazing selection beef. Just look at that amazing marbling! Quite surprisingly, they've also got quite a huge selection of beef. 

Originating from Chengdu, Da Long Yi Hotpot 大龙燚火锅 is a Sichuan Mala Hotpot Restaurant with over 300 branches worldwide. Now, they've finally arrived here in Malaysia with their first outlet in Kota Damansara, while the 2nd  outlet is in Johor bahru and 3rd will be coming soon in Bukit Bintang respectively.

Apart from their amazing soups, they've focused quite a bit of effort on their ingredients/dishes. From premium-grade beef slices to weird Duck tongue, it truly is an authentic experience altogether. 

Signature Mala Soup/Mushroom Soup/Tomato Soup - RM42 (3 soup base)

There are 4 soups available - the 4th being Winter Melon Chicken soup. Quite honestly, the 3 soups here were extremely flavourful. The Mala wasn't very spicy, but it was fairly 'numbing'. 

The mushroom was rich in umami, as if its being cooked for over 24 hours. All the essence and goodness of the mushroom in 1 serving - absolutely delightful. 

My favourite would be the tomato soup here. I find it richer than most other Hotpot brands out there, and you could really taste the tomato-ness. 

Australia Wagyu Beef Slice - RM88
Striploin Beef Slice - RM35/110g or Rm19/90g
New Zealand Lamb Slice - RM26

Now what better way to enjoy Da Long Yi's Signature broth if it isn't with some amazing Beef Slices? Absolutely gorgeous, definitely recommended for any beef enthusiast. 

Portion-wise, it's quite generous. Everything is served fresh on ice, ensuring the quality a little longer right beside the steaming pot of soup.

For seafood lovers, no worries, they've got you covered. Crayfish, fish, squid and many more.

Bamboo Prawn & Fish Paste - RM28/100g or RM45/200g

Absolutely loved this. The prawn paste had like ebiko in them, and when cooked and eaten, produces a really interesting crunch on something so soft. It's also really well packed with flavour. Definitely recommended!

Mala Beef - RM18/90g or RM32/180g

One of my absolute favourite. Marinated beef topped with chilli flakes + chilli seeds from china, along with some amazing spice-rub that makes this dish tantalizing. Simply thinking about it would make me salivate. 

Beef Sticks - RM22

Simple but well marinated beef on a stick. Easy to cook and easy to eat - no mess. Loved the idea, similar to our Lok-lok but with premium ingredients. 

Tendered Beef Slice - RM25

Now with most Mala-hotpot places, they do have their own version of this Tendered Beef Slice. However, Da Long Yi's version was easily one of the top 3. Not only is it really smooth and silky, it's incredibly tender and flavourful as well. The essence of the cow punches right through - an absolute delight for me.

Duck Tongue - RM18

The first of the extraordinary dishes - duck tongue. Definitely not what I'd expect, but apparently it's a thing with authentic Chinese hotpot. Definitely scary-looking, but most would agree that it's quite delicious. 

Pork Brain - RM8

What did I tell ya? Definitely a little special. Not something I'm entirely familiar with - nor do I think I would like to get myself familiarized with such a dish. However, as it's stated above, this is Pork Brain. Surprisingly small, definitely not trying this.

Those who are a little more adventurous, I do recommend/dare you to try it out.

Signature Platter of Beef Trip, Duck Intestine & Pork Aorta - RM32

Okay, not as weird, but here it is. Definitely not my kinda thing, but for those who love beef tripe, this is definitely the place to go. Everything was well cleaned and served. Goes great with the Mala Soup, just wasn't to my liking.

There are many more really unique items that we're not exposed to here in Malaysia, and is rather common over in China. Things like Duck intestine, fresh pork aorta, pork stomach, pork kidney, duck gizzard and many more. 

Personally, I prefer my hotpot with just the premium meat, seafood and veggies as I'm a simple man. 

Kelp - RM 8

Surprisingly huge kelp tied in a ribbon. Not bad.

Pork Blood - RM8

Mushroom Platter - RM20

This platter comes with 5 different types of mushrooms - Enoki, Shimeji, Oyster, Abalone and Black Fungus.

Lotus - RM10

For RM10, that's quite a lot of lotus. Each slice was quite thick as well.

And of course, a steamboat session wouldn't be complete without the basic balls. Lobster balls, seafood tofu, cheese tofu, beef balls, pork balls, pretty much all the balls you can imagine, they have it here. Relatively generous portion too.

Premium-grade Crabsticks - a lot better than the usual square ones.

Of course, here are some of the must-haves for any steamboat/hotpot. 

Vegetable Platter - RM20

Each Vegetable Platter comes with 5 different types of vegetables. An easy pick should you are lazy to choose.

Harbin/TsingTao/Somersby/Kronenbourg1664 Blanc

I'd personally go for the Harbin beer - it's a lot lighter and sweeter, perfect for this hotpot occasion. It's also probably the only place I've seen with Harbin Beer as most places go with TsingTao - which is another one of my favourite.

Black Tea Stinky Tofu - RM15

Da Long Yi Hotpot 大龙燚火锅 also pride themselves with their choice of Stinky Tofu. They've personally brought in a famous-China brand of Stinky Tofu to be incorporated within the hotpot. It's rich, and well packed with flavour. It's also not exactly stinky, but really aromatic. 

Brown Sugar Glutinous Rice Cake & Deep Fried Mini Buns - RM15 & RM10

If you're really hungry and can't wait for the soup to boil and cook, these snacks are a great way to kickstart the meal. The glutinous rice cake is finished with a brown sugar glaze, followed by peanut powder, which gives it a really sweet & savoury outcome. 

Fried Mini Buns are always great with condensed milk - my favourite. It also works great with the Mala Soup!

Condiments are available - mix and match to your liking. 

 Get a feel of ancient China with their splendid decor, where you'll feel like you're actually dining there. Amazing woodwork and design, loved the double-storey atmosphere to it.

Those who can't get enough of Mala Hotpot are recommended to get some of their own products to try. Imported directly from China, each of these sauces or instant hotpot packages are made specifically by Da Long Yi Hotpot 大龙燚火锅. 

You can purchase all these from the counter.

Overall, Da long Yi Hotpot 大龙燚火锅 is definitely one of the best steamboat/hotpot/mala places in town. With competition almost everywhere, it truly is hard to stand out, and I think Da Long Yi Hotpot 大龙燚火锅 has done a pretty good job in distinguishing themselves from the others. 

Ingredients were fresh and portion were generous, soup base was flavourful and service was attentive. The interior felt really authentic and simply put, the experience was great. There's aos 2 private rooms available with the small one being able to fit 6-8 pax, and the big room at 10 pax (with minimum spending).

Every customer also gets a free Signature Scented Tea upon dining in!

Definitely worth checking out. 



C-GF-01 Sunway Nexis, No 1, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours:

Daily 12pm - 12am

Tel: 011-3863 3336

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