SevenFriday Space @ Robinsons, Four Seasons KLCC

4:25:00 PM

SevenFriday is a fairly new company when it comes to watch making. Founded in 2012, the Swiss watchmaker designs, manufactures and sells industrial inspired watches and several other accessories. Over the years, they've garnered quite a following with their non-conforming sense of style, as well as its rugged and more durable aesthetics. 

Now, they've stepped up their game by providing a galleria/space where you can enjoy some of the finest coffees, cakes and desserts, while browsing through their wide range of collection. 

Here at SevenFriday's latest venue at Robinson's, Four Seasons, there lounge chairs for you to sit and relax. Enjoy your glass of coffee and perhaps try out some of their signature desserts!

I could wholeheartedly recommend the Abao Blend if you're a fan of chocolaty notes. The balance between its subtle bitterness along with its rather strong chocolate flavour is an absolute delight. It does resemble mocha a little, but a much stronger version.

Another dessert that is currently trending would be there Burnt Cheesecake. Done slightly different here, where the plating is a lot prettier than what you'll find elsewhere. The Cheesecake itself is fairly dense, but with more mousse-like cream at the core. The sight of lightly refreshed sorbet does indeed make the dish a whole lot lighter. 

Goes really well with coffee though.

Last but not least, SevenFriday's take on our classic cendol. Served with a red-bean potong ice cream and an extra espresso shot for added body. 

So for those looking to get a new watch, or perhaps are in the midst of looking for a very specific SevenFriday model, I'm quite certain that they have it here. 


L2-01, Shoppes @ Four Seasons Place Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. 

Operation hours: Daily 10am - 10pm

Tel: 012-336 0218

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