Eight Avenue New Spanish Menu 2018 @ Publika, KL

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The Eight Avenue has been a pretty popular place in Publika - especially when it comes to their selection of cocktails. They're also famed for having pretty girls on most nights - if that's what you're looking for. Now, they've just launched a variety of dishes, crafted specially by Chef Pedro. Here's what they have to offer.

Garlic Gambas

Starting strong with a prawns cooked with garlic, herbs, and olive oil with a side of toasted baguette.The tiger prawns were fresh and cooked to juicy perfection. Each bite is packed with the natural juices of the prawns, as well as a really nice & fragrant garlic scent. 

Angels & Demons

The Eight Avenue's signature item that has been around since the beginning. A unique mix of smoked salmon & honeydew, as well as bacaon & prunes. I personally enjoyed the smoked salmon variant as I felt that balance between sweet & salty works marvelously here. 

Charcoal Pork Sliders

Those looking for something heartier, but not too heavy should definitely try out their Charcoal Pork Sliders. Juicy pork patty served on a bed of sauteed mushrooms and lettuce, encased in a homemade charcoal bun. It's simple, easy and quite tasty. 

Patatas Tres Salsas

This dish was surprisingly unique - it's potatoes with 3 different sauces within. They're cooked nice and soft, without being too mushy nor dense. The core has been filled with Aioli, Pomodoro & Brava. Cutting through them is similar to cutting through butter, and they do taste like posh baked potatoes.

Picantes Chicken Wings Con Raita Y Verduritas

This is The Eight Avenue's take on the traditional buffalo wings, using a blend of marinate they've came up with themselves. The result is a slightly sweet and herb-ish taste, with an optional dip on the side. I personally prefer something spicier, but I can see non-spicy eaters enjoying this. 

Pork Albondigas En Salsa De Tomate

If you're a fan of Ikea meatballs, then you might like their version of the pork balls. Hand-crafted and baked to juicy perfection, these little (but surprisingly huge) niblets of pork are well packed with flavour, and the additional salsa on top gives it truly helps out with its acidity. In the center, you'll find a refreshing mint-pea puree that just helps cut through those fatty flavours.

Pork Tenderloin Roulade

I personally enjoyed this very much as I find the roulade to be done quite perfectly. The bacon that's wrapping the tenderloin really infuses that salty finish within, while the mixed greens on the inside gave it a vibrantly-fresh zing. The combination was simple, but delicious. On the side, you'll find something similar to the Patatas Tres Salsas, but done with a different sauce. 

Honey Glazed BBQ Ribs

Another one of the Eight Avenue's Signature item - the honey glazed BBQ ribs. Served in a generous portion, and grilled to tender perfection. The meat was fork-tender as it falls off the bone very easily. The BBQ sauce was also a little sweet, perhaps due to the honey, but it was pretty good. 

What I do love however, was the side of baked sweet potato. That was godly. Loved that. 

Spicy Prawn Fettucine

Like most places, pasta is a pretty common dish. Their Spicy Prawn Fettuccine was alright, as I do not enjoy pastas as much. The portion is quite generous though.

Now The Eighth Avenue is definitely a place where you can indulge in their drinks, and I'd highly recommend it. Some of my personal favourite of the night was; Birds of Paradise, Painkiller (this was awesome), Suit & Tie, and one last one which I've forgotten the name. 

So if you're looking for a place where both the drinks and food are fantastic, I think The Eighth Avenue at Publika would be a good choice. They have a fairly dark and cozy ambiance, limited & more intimate seating, as well as a variety of foods & customized cocktails you'll love. 

Do check out their FB page - https://www.facebook.com/theeighthavenuekl/ as well as they often do promos and product launches there.

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