Donute's Dirty Bun - Launch

12:25:00 PM

It simply doesn't get any dirtier than this. The current craze right now revolving a bun that's deemed 'dirty', is appearing everywhere, and it's fairly easy to see why.

The bun itself is packed with chocolatey goodness. At the very core, it's a croissant-like effect with 16 layers of Danish pastry is made with 84% French Butter and imported Japan flour. This creates a light, fluffy yet creamy taste, that binds really well with the chocolate. 

You'll also get bits of French chocolate nuggets rated at 52% cocoa! It's quite bitter but it does give it that nice balance. 

The whole idea of this bun is to stuff your face onto it, making it seem like you're having poop around your face/mouth. The additional 100% French dark cocoa powder on top really does help in that sense. It's also a great way to counter all the sweetness from within. 

Currently, it's priced at RM6.90/pc, with limited stocks everyday. So if you'd like to try one of the more authentic Dirty Bun, do visit any Donutes Store today!

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