YXX BBQ Buffet Steamboat @ Cheras, KL

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If you're fans of crayfish, then you're in luck as YXX BBQ Buffet is the only (I think) place that offers FREE FLOW CRAYFISH! Of course, we're not just talking about crayfish as seafood is their forte. 

Here's a teaser on the HUGE XXL CRAB they offer! We'll be there in a moment.

In any steamboat or buffet, or at least for me, I'll definitely go for their seafood isle first. Here, I was pleased to find a wide variety of shellfish, as well as squid, prawns, crabs and fishes. So, don't have to worry about their selection of seafood, just whack anything that you like.

Here we are, my favourite crayfish. It's the first time that I've found crayfish in any steamboat buffet. They're normally available at high-end-ish hotel buffets but not in regular steamboat places. 

My first choice was to grill them, absolutely delightful. You could also throw them in soup but personally, I prefer grilling. I also love how they change colour when they're cooked. 

Of course, steamboat & grill wouldn't be complete without all these other fillers. I love veggies so spinach and Chinese cabbage are my go-to steamboat veggies. Not too found of fish balls because they're usually flour, but packs a good bite for most people. 

For snacks, fried chicken and fried crab. Loved the crab, crispy and crunchy. Chicken was alright but I personally find it odd to have fried chicken with steamboat. Though I know the rest loved it.

For our soup, we had their signature wintermelon soup. It's light but flavourful enough, after all, putting in seafood as well as other stuff will make it sweeter. 

Now, the crab - it's FREE! Yes, you've heard that right! Totally free!

YXX BBQ Buffet Steamboat is currently having a promo on this, just come in a group of 8 and enjoy 2 XXL Spicy Chilli Crab FOR FREE! It's that simple! However, do note that they'd prefer a booking AT LEAST 3 DAYS IN ADVANCE! This is so they can prepare the crab fresh, specially for you!

The pricing!

Overall, YXX BBQ Buffet Steamboat isn't the prettiest place to dine, but they do serve what every steamboat and BBQ enthusiast love! It's simple, affordable and most importantly, delicious! So if you're craving for some seafood, steamboat or even BBQ, just head on down today.


D, 50G, Jalan 2/101c, Cheras Business Centre, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: Daily 5.30pm - 11.30pm

Tel: 016-523 2132

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  1. This post is so amazing and mouthwatering, I have seen each picture a number of times. It is so yummy and delicious. Each and every dish of sea food is so appetizing. I feel like grabbing a bite.